How to Enable FM Radio on Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+

enable fm radio samsung galaxy s10

Samsung has attracted the likes of fans from the rivals by introducing Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+. The arrival of these two phones has led them to the top of the market with its outstanding designs and features. These devices stand out when it comes to performances, features, and designs.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ was categorized as the next-generation phone by the company consist of some unique features. Also, these phones have been the most revolutionary product in Samsung’s production history.

Also, the features contained in these devices are rare, and cannot be easily seen on other phones. Samsung prioritizes them for marketing purposes. Examples of these features are the Dynamic AMOLED Screen, Next Level Intelligence, and others. However, certain features are disregarded by Samsung. FM Radio Capability is one of the most ignored features in these two phones. We are in an era where music is often streamed online. But, some individuals still buy the idea of listening to FM Radio stations.

Besides, we have some Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ users who like listening to FM Radio. People in this category would certainly have attempted to listen to FM Radio on their devices, only to find it challenging. In the United States, Samsung has disregarded the FM Radio app on these two devices in some regions. It is enabled in some places and ignored in some others. So if it’s not enabled in your phone, you still have the chance of listening to FM Radio on the same device.

Some third-party apps are used to listen to radio stations in devices that do not have the app preinstalled. Apps like TuneIn Radio, Simple Radio, Next Radio, and much more. These apps activate the FM Radio chip on your device and display radio stations based on your location. However, the Next Radio app is recommended for Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+.
Getting the Next Radio app is very easy to do.

Here are quick steps to install the app;

  1. Enable your mobile data.
  2. Visit Google Play Store.
  3. Download and install the app.

Note that the Next Radio app does not require an internet connection to operate. All you need to do is plug in your earphones/headphones, they act as antennas to produce the best signal.
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