LG Folding Smartphone Is Under Development And Might Come Out In 2020

As smartphones continue to become more powerful, and affordable manufacturers are working hard on new features as they plan to attract new and returning customers. Now, an LG folding smartphone is in the works, and it might launch in 2020.

In recent months foldable smartphones have started to become quite popular as many people love the idea of having extra screen space whenever they want it. Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi are working on their versions of the concept, and many manufacturers have joined the fray.

It seems that LG plans to join the competition according to a recent patent which was filled to the Word Intellectual Property Organization. The patent mentions a futuristic device which has the potential to become a quit in the long run.

At first sight, it seems that it looks quite similar to the Galaxy Fold, but the inclusion of a third panel could be a game-changer as the screen surface will be considerably larger. LG played with dual-screen technology in the past, and the company has already teased what seems to be a dual-screen accessory which will be unveiled on September 6.

LG Folding Smartphone Is Under Development And Might Come Out In 2020

According to images which accompany the patent request users can fold the secondary panels inwards on each side. Depending on the size of each panel, the device could be a bit bulky in comparison to standard smartphones, but it is likely that the extra panels will justify the costs.

One of the foldable screens also sports a camera on the rear and seems that the device will be optimized for taking photos at all times, even if all the panels are active.

While the concept looks promising, it is important to keep in mind the fact that foldable panels are quite tricky to manufacture. If LG plans to use standalone panels linked with the help of a smart foldable mechanism, the chances of creating a functional device will grow.

The foldable screen employed by Samsung was faulty at launch, and LG may also face some issues. It is likely that the LG folding smartphone will be announced officially in 2020.

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