Microsoft Edge Beta Update Brings Improvements to Picture-in-Picture Mode

Google has made sure to pre-install its Chrome browser on all Android-powered smartphones, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Chrome is always the best option. In fact, the Android browser is infamous for using up lots of hardware resources and fortunately, here is where Microsoft’s Edge comes in and provides everyone with the perfect alternative. Even though the desktop version of Edge might not be that popular, the mobile version of the browser is slowly becoming one of the most downloaded apps on Android devices.

The great thing about Edge is that it has been designed to run on all types of smartphones including lower-end ones and this means that the browser doesn’t use insane amounts of hardware power as Chrome might do. To make things even better, Edge benefits from full fledged developer support and this means that it’s being updated on a daily basis.

Microsoft Edge Beta Update

Taking into consideration the fact that Microsoft which is one of the world’s largest tech companies is in charge of Edge, then no one should be surprised to find out that the browser’s performances are being enhanced every single day thanks to a constant stream of updates. In fact, a new update which sports the beta version number has just been made available for download.

As the update’s version number implies, this is a beta release. Therefore, the only Edge users who can download the new update which weighs in at 82.97 MB are those who are enrolled in the beta program. Fortunately, Microsoft is allowing everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone to join the beta program.

What’s New?

The new beta update for Edge comes with a handful of software improvements that are designed to enhance the performances of the PiP (picture-in-picture) mode. Thus, the new update is improving the multitasking abilities of Edge.

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