The Best TvMuse Alternatives Available to Download

If you’re sad that TvMuse was taken down and you can’t enjoy it anymore, we have some good news for you. We will give you the best TvMuse alternatives.

Why was TvMuse taken down?

We all now that the popular streaming service TvMuse is not available anymore. The reason of the takedown is linked to some Copyright issues and that’s not surprising at all. The site shared links of a large number of tv shows and movies.

Before we will give you the best TvMuse alternatives, we need to tell you that a mirror site for is now available. It’s called and you can find there all the movies and tv shows that were available on the original site.

Now, it‘s time for our alternatives

Our first suggestion is WatchEpisodes. It’s pretty similar to TvMuse, but it also comes with its particular cool features. You can find on WatchEpisodes thousands of movies and tv shows. The streaming service has a lot of search filters if you want to sort the content. But wait, there’s more. It also has a feature which allows you to download wallpapers with all your favorite movies or tv series. Pretty amazing, right? We think that WatchEpisodes is a really great TvMuse alternative.

The second alternative that we want to share with you is GoMovies. You probably heard of it because it’s very popular. Its main advantages are the fact that is free and that you can stream with its help all your favorite content. The bad part about it is that some annoying ads will pop up from time to time.

Next, on the list, we have 123Movie Time. The site’s a lot like GoMovies, but it also brings some new stuff. Besides movies and tv series, you can find on 123Movie Time some pretty cool anime series. The resolution of the videos is from CAM to HD. 123Movie Time also has a request section, which is pretty cool. From all of the previous alternatives, 123Movie Time was available for the longest time and we know that a lot of people use it very often and are happy with the service provided by it. We think that you’ll really enjoy it if you’ll give it a try.

Another popular option is SideReel. You can find on the site a lot of movies, tv shows and anime content. It’s very popular and we can tell you that it has more than 20 million visits. Pretty impressive, right? The site will also provide news and updates on your favorite tv shows. It’s very helpful for the most dedicated fans out there and we really think that SideReel is one of the best options available on the Internet.

Our next suggestion is Couch Turner. It’s a streaming alternative available for free. The best part about it is that Couch Turner will bring you the latest movies and episodes just a few hours after they were officialy released. The fact that you don’t have to wait a couple of days to see them is really impressive for us. The site has a pretty cool interface and you will not have any problem when you navigate it. As we were expected, Couch Turner comes with a search box where you can easily find your favorite titles. If that’s not enough, Couch Turner provides a lot of servers so you can have more than one option if one server is down.

These were the best TvMuse alternatives that we could find on the Internet. They are very popular and we think that you won’t be disappointed if you’ll try them.

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