How to Fix Shaky Camera Issue on iPhone 7/8/X

fix shaky camera issue iphone

iPhone 7, 8, and X camera shaking problem can be fixed in different ways. These fixes improve your focus tool, yielding to produce quality images. Check them below.

How to Fix Shaky Camera Issue on iPhone 7/8/X

  1. Remove iPhone Case

A loose case can disrupt your image quality, causing it to yield blurry or poor quality photos. In some phones, the cases are not tightly fixed to it. It is expected of you to take them off to produce good quality photos.

  1. Restart Your Camera App

Sometimes, the source of the problem is your camera app. In cases like this, restarting the app is a better way to fix the shaky camera problem.

  1. Remove Dirt On The Camera’s Lens

Another cause for the shaky camera problem might be because your lens is exposed to dirt. Ensure you clean up the lens using a microfibre material.

  1. Disable the Camera’s Focus

For capturing clear images, the focus has to be firm. It is expected to disable or lock the focus on your targeted view. So if the phone shakes, the focus remains firm.

  1. Tap The IPhone’s Upper Part Lightly

Here is a simple fix to shaky camera issue, doing an upward turn and tapping on the screen lightly is another measure to stop the shaky camera problem.

  1. Reboot

Generally, some features on your phone begin to malfunction after a long stretch of use. You should reboot your phone to solve the issue.

  1. Do a Factory Reset

If at all others have failed you, this process should be the last option. Note that you should back up your data before using this method.

  1. Switch Off The Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode uses two lenses to capture images. However, low light disrupts quality images in this mode. Turn off Portrait Mode to capture clear images in low light areas.

  1. Install A New LED Lights

The LED lights displayed when capturing an image could be the cause of producing blurry photos, especially when it’s a poor quality feature. Removing the LED lights and getting a new one is a proper way to fix a shaky camera problem.

All these steps help fix a shaky camera problem. If the issue persists, contact Apple’s customer support.

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