WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock Feature Added To The Popular Instant Messaging App

WhatsApp holds the title of the worlds most used messaging platform, and even if there are alternatives, the simplicity of the app and the features it delivers makes it the best. Being owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is now trying to implement a new feature, fingerprint unlock.

By adding this new feature, WhatsApp will be more secure now, keeping your private chats and even documents shared with other people to the highest security. Keep in mind that the fingerprint unlock feature is still in beta and has been for some time now, so we will need to wait some time until it hits the live version.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock Usage

A report states that the feature is available in the WhatsApp 2.19.221 Beta. The great thing is that you can still answer messages or respond to calls even if you have the fingerprint option activated on the app. The feature will only be used whenever you want to open the app.

The time interval at which you want to use the fingerprint lock on your device can also be set. Enabling this option will automatically hide the notification messages displayed on your smartphone.

Another good thing for this option is that it will use Android’s fingerprint API and it will make sure your data will be secure and not get transferred to Facebook servers.

How to Download WhatsApp 2.19.221 Beta

To use WhatsApp’s newly added fingerprint unlock feature, you will have to follow these steps:

  • You need to download the latest WhatsApp 2.19.221 Beta from a third-party source, as an APK file.
  • Note that you need to have a fingerprint scanner on your smartphone.
  • To activate this feature go to Settings>>Account>>Privacy>>Fingerprint Lock.
  • If this feature is still not working on your device then, make sure to back up your chat history and reinstall the application.

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