Android OS on Nintendo Switch Is Now Possible Thanks To ‘Switchroot’ Team

We all have to face the fact that Nintendo Switch is almost a console that is built with smartphone components and the Nvidia Tegra X1 ARM SoC would make a good combo with 4GB of RAM, and a 720p touchscreen, if it were to be placed on a tablet or a smartphone. What makes Switch a proper gaming console is a support Nintendo has been offering and the outstanding triple-A titles like Mario Odyssey and the ecosystem support.

Android on Nintendo Switch

Running Android on the Nintendo Switch console might sound like a far-fetched dream, but a team called Switchroot has recently done it, and you can even run Android on your Nintendo Switch device with a good and stable build provided by them.

The work that’s been put on this project was enormous and has been possible only with the joint forces of the two of the Internet’s most significant hacking communities. One was the Nintendo Homebrew and the second was Android’s custom ROM community.

How it Came to Become a Reality?

Implementing another OS rather than the one that is already running on the Nintendo Switch was no simple task, and everything was done by a group of hackers that documented the ins and outs of the software and searched for exploits while creating lines of code that would later be integrated into the Switch. All we can say is that a fair number of Switch devices have been compromised in the process.

The project shows promise, and if you think about it, you can play Android titles on your Switch with physical controls rather than the ones on your touchscreen. Sure there are some bugs and glitches, but soon, we might actually see a build of Android for Switch that would present no risk for using it. Note that if you want to install the Android OS on Nintendo Switch device, you will do it at your own expense, nothing is certified as of now.

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