Adobe Flash Player Has Stopped Working [Quick Fix]

adobe flash player has stopped working

Adobe Flash Player has stopped working’ is an annoying error message encountered by some users of Adobe Flash Player.

Users complain of experiencing this error once they upgraded to their Adobe Flash Player to the latest version. Therefore, we have compiled working solutions to resolve the Adbobe Flash Player problem.

Fix: Adobe Flash Player Has Stopped Working

Users experiencing this error message can try out the following recommended fixes.

Solution 1: Restart your PC

Restarting your window PC is one way of rectifying various error messages. Besides, by restarting your PC, you can free up the RAM, close background processes, and clear software glitches responsible for the problem.

In order to restart your PC, do this:

  • Click on the start menu >> click on the power icon, >> select ‘Restart’ from the menu.

Solution 2: Edit Adobe Flash Player settings

Another method applicable in fixing the Adobe Flash Player issue is to edit the settings. Moreover, the Adobe Flash Player settings can be accessed from any web browser using the Adobe Flash Player Help website.

  • Click on ‘Protected Content Playback Settings panel.’
  • Click on the ‘Reset License Files’ to reset.
  • Confirm your action to reset the License File.

Solution 3: Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

The ultimate solution is to reinstall Adobe Flash Player.

Here’s how:

  • Type’ control panel’ in the ‘Search the web and Windows’ at the bottom left.
  • Click on ‘Control Panel’ from the displayed result
  • Click on ‘Programs’ > ‘Uninstall a program’
  • Right-click on ‘Adobe Flash Player’ and select ‘Uninstall’ to begin the uninstallation process.

Users are recommended to download Adobe’ Uninstall Flash Player for Windows’ from Adobe’s official website.

  • From the website, click on ‘Solution: Download and run the uninstaller.’
  • After uninstalling, you are expected to check for recent Windows update and install if any.
  • Reinstall Adobe Flash Player by visiting Adobe’s Download page
  • Check/uncheck the optional offers based on your needs
  • Click on ‘install now’ to begin the installation process
  • Download and save the installer
  • Run the installer
  • Check the ‘Allow Adobe to install updates’ circle
  • Click on ‘Next’ to start Adobe Flash Player downloading process.
  • Click on ‘Restart your browser’ before clicking on ‘Finish.’

This should automatically fix all error messages from Adobe Flash Player. If it doesn’t, you can try running a full antivirus scan on your PC.

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