PlayStation 5 To Boast An Extremely Potent GPU

Pretty much everyone is now aware of the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The new PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Scarlett are in the talks of the town on the internet. The specs for the devices are not 100 percent confirmed, and it seems they are slowly being leaked to the public.

PlayStation 5 To Boast An Extremely Potent GPU

The latest leak involves the PlayStation 5 and its GPU. It seems that the console will get a powerful graphics card with the capability of clocking at 2.8 GHz. This is comparable with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and the AMD Navi 5700 GPU.

The GPU for the PS5 is expected to be top of the line. As one of the best graphic cards on the market, the console will need to give gamers Ultra High Definition in 4K and beyond without breaking a sweat.

The refresh rate will need to be a minimum of 60 Hz, and the whole system will have to work to provide extremely high FPS rates, usually more than double than those offered by a PC.

AMD is rumored to supply the PlayStation 5 with GPUs, and the codename for the supposed component is either Oberon, Ariel, or Gonzalo. There are three different iterations of GPUs that are being developed by AMD for a particular project. These range from 0.8 to 2.0 GHz. We are not sure, but it is a serious improbability for the PS5 to get a downgraded version of the GPU.

PlayStation 5 To Compete With Xbox Scarlett And Google Stadia

The two console manufacturers are faced with delivering console-level quality under the pressure of the current trends. There is a shift towards cloud-based gaming on consoles and mobile devices. This requires a lot of the processing to happen at a remote location and to be transferred to the device in your living room.

Hardware, software, and the internet need to work jointly as a well-oiled machine to deliver high-quality performance under streaming conditions. There is also a competition between PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett, and Google Stadia’s cloud gaming service.

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