How to enable Adobe Flash player on various web browsers

enable adobe flash player web browsers

Today, we will show you how to enable Adobe Flash Player on your web browser(s).

Adobe Flash Player is one of the PC’s major resource drainer. However, It is popularly used for its functions in viewing website rich in media contents.

How to enable Adobe Flash Player on various web browsers

You must ensure that Adobe Flash Player is installed on your PC and updated regularly. For Windows 10, Adobe Flash Player is integrated into its Edge browser. Therefore, the update is automatic.

However, other web browser users can apply the steps listed below.

Enable Adobe Flash Player on Internet Explorer

Here’s how:

  • Launch your internet explorer
  • Go to settings at the top-right of your browser
  • Click on ‘Manage Add-ons >> click on ‘Toolbars and Extensions’
  • Ensure that ‘Shockwave Flash Object’ is enabled. If it is not, click on the ‘Disabled’ to change the status to ‘Enabled.’

Enable Adobe Flash Player on Google Chrome Browser

Here’s how:

  • Launch your Google Chrome browser
  • Type ‘chrome://settings/content/flash’ >> Enter to access Adobe Flash Player settings on Google Chrome browser
  • Toggle on the ‘Allow sites to run Flash’ if it is toggled off.
  • To check for updates and version installed, type‘ chrome://components’ in the address bar

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge browser

Here’s how to do so:

  • Launch your Microsoft Edge browser
  • Click on the Menu (3 horizontal dots) at the top-right of your edge browser
  • Click on ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the menu list
  • In the advanced settings section, click on ‘View advanced settings’
  • Toggle on ‘Use Adobe Flash Player’ button
  • Refresh or re-launch the webpage

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox

Follow these steps:

  • Launch your Firefox browser
  • Go to Firefox’s settings (three horizontal bars at the top-right of the browser)
  • Click on the ‘Add-ons’ icon
  • Click on the ‘Plugins’ icon at the far left of the page
  • Select ‘Always Activate’ from the drop-down Menu of ‘Shockwave Flash…’

Enable Adobe Flash Player on Opera browser

Here’s how:

  • Launch the Opera browser
  • Open the Opera settings and click on ‘Manage Extensions’
  • Enable Adobe Flash Player

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