Brave Browser vs. Google Chrome – Speed, Money and Privacy Comparison

Brave is starting to gain tracking among users. It is doing this at a very slow rate compared to Chrome. But it’s going forward. It is free, obviously, and it is also open source. It was created by Mozilla Firefox co-founder Brendan Eich, who also created Javascript. So, there must be something to it.

Brave is supposed to be void of ads and also boasts no tracking cookies. The browser is heavy into Privacy Mode, so it shares fewer user data than other services. Micropayments are used on the web browser but despite all of the above, there are still some ads.

Brave has reported that it will keep a mere 15 percent of the ad revenue, with the rest going to their publisher partners and even the users that use their service to browse.

Brave and ads

There is an ad blocker built into the browser. It is supposed to block all ads, even trackers like Google Analytics. Ads will still exist, however, but they will be minimal. Expect to see ads in the shape of content as well. The media is tricky like that.

Sneaky ad deals

You would think that installing an ad blocker on Chrome would safeguard you from everything. Google has been reported to pay services like Adblock Plus under the table to whitelist Google Ads. Brave is a browser that is supposedly honest and would not conceive to do such a thing. But can you trust them?


Brave and Google Chrome have been tested in the speed department. Interestingly enough, Brave won this round by a landslide, averaging loading speeds 4 times faster than Chrome. But day to day use of the browser might result in only a 50 percent increase in speed.


If you are a user that has limited data, then you will actually pay a certain amount to load websites. As it turns out, most media outlets will load more costly ads than actual web content. As ads tend to be more animated in general and consume more data.

Brave would save you the cents you would pay for loading ads because it would block them. This would add up to at least a few dollars per month on your phone bill if not more.

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