PlayStation-Xbox Library Merger Is Imminent Due To Google Stadia

When it comes to survival, especially the continuation of a corporation, nothing is sacred enough to be called impossible. Friends and enemies Microsoft and Sony have been reported to collaborate to maintain their respective revenues by coming up with a PlayStation-Xbox merger. That comes due to the potential popularity of subscription-based online game streaming that Google has been investing in, known as Google Stadia.

With the introduction of Google Stadia, the Xbox and the PlayStation seem under threat of being made somewhat antiquated. Stadia uses Cloud tech to provide a games library that is accessible with a monthly subscription. This means that players do not need to purchase games or download them to their devices.

How video games are changing

Video games are becoming more and more expensive over time. Gamers want single-player games to have enormous arks with massive amounts of open-world based content. Such a game or franchise will tend to be shifted to an online version of the game, as a massive online multiplayer.

It will have the same design, and more of the same content will be offered, but it will not feel like the same unique experience from the single-player campaign. The leveling will be way challenging as your raids will get very repetitive.

Despite the drawbacks, players want the online content and are willing to pay around $50 for a game copy or $15 – $50 a month for an online subscription.

PlayStation-Xbox Library Merger

In the case Microsoft and Sony will merge their video game services, people are questioning what will happen to their libraries. This move will be chaotic at first in terms of organization and payment issues. But a joint library could be possible with some effort, as players and game developers will only want for the process to be easy and fluid.

Google Stadia and Cloud Storage

Google Stadia is currently on top with Cloud storage as they have secured lots of storage space for their online library of games. Sony and Microsoft are reported to invest in storage infrastructure, but they are dependant on the old system at present. Microsoft is no stranger to server storage and could invest without significant obstacles.


Google Stadia is one big step ahead of Xbox and PlayStation when it comes to system administration and storage space. But it is no way near the consoles in terms of hardware. The standard of controller/console gaming is extraordinarily high, and the two industry leaders will both release significant upgrades in 2020. PlayStation-Xbox merger is imminent.

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