Tumblr Is Available To Download With Improvements And Bug Fixes

If you feel the need to express yourself, then Tumblr is the place you should do that online. Pretty much whatever you want goes, as there are no strict guidelines like on Facebook. You are not limited by texts like Twitter or Photos like on Instagram. Tumblr update rolled out with improvements and bug fixes.

Tumblr is also suitable for keeping track of trends, as well as your favorite topics. If you find a content creator you like on Tumblr, be sure to follow them so that they can inform and entertain you. Think of a Tumblr content creator as your friend that’s obligated to be funny or exciting.

Why could Tumblr be useful for you?

  • Post heavy – The idea with Tumblr is to express yourself, so post media in pretty much any format you can think of. Be it photos, videos, GIFs, text, audio, and who knows what else.
  • Create GIFs – With Tumblr, you can take GIFs to another level. Let most people post one they find on the internet while you can make your own. Mash together photos, stickers, and text to see what you can create.
  • Customization – Your Tumblr can look, however, as you want. You can switch around colors, fonts, and layouts to suit your personality.
  • Preferences – Tumblr works like your very own personalized news channel. You select whatever topics you interest. The particular content will be sent to you based on your options. Setup your favorite topics or discover new ones.
  • Tags – Use # to connect with millions of trending topics from millions of users worldwide. If something has a tag, then you can find it on Tumblr.
  • Share – If you spot a bit of content you like, repost in on your feed and talk about it with your friends. It works well with comic book nerds. There’s a whole lot of content for us now.
  • Communicate – Tumblr is not known for its messaging service, but you can strike up a private conversation anytime you want.

What’s New in Tumblr

Tumblr rolled out with some improvements and bug fixes. The latest Tumblr version is already available to download on the Google Play Store or as an APK file.

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