iPhone 11 Series Will Launch On September 10th, As Some Leaks Suggested

Apple had finally launched iOS developer Beta 7, but that is not the only thing that is coming as a surprise and news. We have hot information from a private eye about iPhone 11, more precisely from the site iHelp BR. Everything started from an image with the date 10th set on the calendar and the name “HoldForRelease.” The image discovered in the iOS 13 beta 7, and everyone is assuming that the launch is on September 10.

However, you might think that we are talking about a random date on the calendar, but the image was hidden. And we can’t forget the rumors that are supporting the same idea and the previous launches made by Apple with their devices. Going on this idea, Apple has a tendency or a habit of announcing the future launching on the second Tuesday/Wednesday in September. And we looked for it, and starting with 2012, Apple has done the same from the iPhone 5 launching.

iPhone 11 Series Will Launch On September 10th, As Some Leaks Suggested

Besides this, last year, we had the exact scenario with iPhone XS. A hidden image was found in the iOS 12 with the date September 12. At the same time, we think that the iPhone 11 won’t be the only one revealed to the public. Some analysts say that Apple wants to launch three new devices with the iPhone 11 Pro included.

The idea is to launch all three of them at the same time. The three models from Apple will be iPhone 11 (the upgrade of iPhone XR), iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Finally, you would expect that all three models will be the same. But no, all three will come as upgrades, and we are talking even about an Apple Pencil. Of course, everything is speculations and rumors, so we have to wait for a little until we find out for sure.

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