The Ultimate Garena Free Fire Character List

garena free fire character list

Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game designed with the mobile community in mind. The game is rich in characters with different abilities to help the players in combat.

For a player to play the Garena Free Fire successfully, the player should be very familiar with the skills of his character.

Garena Free Fire Character List


Kelly is a 17-year-old school sprinter known as Shimada Kiriko. Her major strength is in the running. If your strategy is based on running, Making Kelly, your character might be perfect for you.


Andrew is a 42-year-old ex-cop with a strong sense of justice. His lucky charm is his singlet, and he has survived several fights wearing the singlet. If you’re a lone ranger, you can count on Andrew’s experience in playing alone because that is what he does best.


Olivia is a 29-year-old nurse always caring for those around her, and she can heal patients by her touch. Olivia is the perfect team player character other players can rely on in all situations.


Ford is a 31-year-old soldier from the Navy with a strange ability. Ford knows how to kill when the zone is closing in, and he is a very resilient man.


Rafael is a 31 years old deadly killer to who dreams of bringing justice to the world. If you are good at shooting, Raphael might be the favorite character you can count on.


Laura is a 24-year-old, highly skilled special agent. She has been a shooter since childhood. She aims to bring justice and to the world.

Shimada Hayato

Shimada is a 20-year-old kid from the famous Samurai family. Shimada is charged with the responsibility of carrying on his family’s tradition is the only child of the family.


Moco is a 20-year-old legendary hacker with the ability to hack into anything with a digital signature. She has the capability of hacking into any computer and vanishing like a ghost.

Other characters

  • The Monkey King: a monkey that looks more like a human
  • Antonio: An orphan that became a gangster.
  • Miguel, an elite soldier squad leader
  • Kla: a Thai practitioner
  • Paloma: an arms dealer
  • Maxim: a competitive speed eater, a glutton.
  • Misha, a racer
  • Nikita: a professional bodyguard
  • Caroline: A girl from a very wealthy background.

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