Google Play Store New Update Revamps the User Interface Design

One of the best things about using an Android-powered smartphone is the fact that you will be able to pick and choose from millions of apps and mobile games that you can download and install on your smartphone. This is all thanks to the Google Play Store which is the biggest app library in the world. Considering the fact that the Google Play Store is such an important component in the Android operating system, then no one should be shocked to find out that the Android parent is constantly taking its performances to the next level via a regular stream of updates.

New Design

Google Play Store is updated on a daily basis with software improvements and bug fixes. However, the latest update for the Google Play Store is more important because it doesn’t just come with a bundle of bug fixes and instead, it introduces a brand-new design. The app library is now sporting a fresh look that features a colorful green header and brighter whiter style which makes the Google Play Store look fairly similar to Google’s other native Android apps.

Major Update

The new update for the Google Play Store has introduced separate tabs for apps, games, books and movies/TV Shows. The bar is now going to appear in the bottom side for smartphones and in a sidebar for tablets or Chrome OS powered devices. To make things even better, the update is also making it possible for the Google Play Store to show icons with a smoother rounded rectangle design which looks fairly similar to the icons that we can find on iOS.

Dark Mode

On the downside of things, the new update doesn’t come with a Dark Mode. However, the reason behind this is that Google is planning to introduce a system-wide Dark Mode in its upcoming operating system and this is why it doesn’t need to give the Google Play Store the option to enable this mode.

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