How to transfer Minecraft worlds to another device

transfer minecraft worlds

Worlds can be transferred between devices using Minecraft Realms. This is possible for Minecraft on Mobile devices, Windows 10 Edition, Switch, VR and Xbox consoles.

Copying files from one device to another can be difficult, but it is easier using Minecraft Realms.

However, in order to copy files from one device to another, a player will need an active Minecraft Realm.

How to transfer Minecraft worlds to another device

To create a free Minecraft Realm, follow the steps below:

  • Launch your Minecraft version
  • Press the ‘Play’ button at the top of the title screen
  • Choose the ’30 Day Free Trial.’ From the options displayed.
  • Select ‘New Realm’ below ‘Realms’
  • Give your Realm a name.
  • Choose a duration. Choose between 30 days and 180 days. One hundred eighty days is cheaper compared with paying monthly.
  • Choose a Tier. You select the number of players you want in your Realm. You can choose between two players or ten players. 2 players server costs $4.00 monthly while a ten-player server costs $10.00 monthly or $8.00 a month for recurring payment.
  • Under the ‘Terms and Conditions,’ Check the ‘I agree’ box
  • Click on ‘Create for Free’ to get a 30 days trial before your payment plan starts.
  • Enter your password or scan your fingerprint to verify your account to sign you up for Minecraft Realms and create your Minecraft server.

To transfer Minecraft Worlds, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sender

  • From the sender, select the pencil icon by your Realm
  • Tap or Click on ‘Replace World.’ and tap or click on ‘Confirm.’
  • Choose the world you want to transfer
  • Tap or click on ‘Let’s go!’ once the upload is completed.

Step 2: Recipient

  • On the recipient device, select the ‘Pencil’ icon by your Realm
  • Tap or click on ‘Download World’
  • Tap or click on ‘Let’s go!’ once the download is completed

To transfer more than one world, repeat the above process. It is important to note that players cannot transfer worlds from different Minecraft versions and different devices.

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