Google Pixel Watch Rumors, Design, And Possible Specs

Lots of people that are interested in buying a smartwatch would probably take a look at Apple or Samsung for that kind of product. But Google is having none of it, as it wants to be a big player in that sector of the market. Accordingly, Google Pixel Watch is under development, as we speak.

Google got rid of their Nexus devices that were meant to be cheaper, more accessible to the masses of global users. This line has been replaced with Pixel phones that are pretty much flagship devices that will run you around $1000, which is not affordable to the masses.

The smartwatch sector is something that is kind of elusive for Android devices at the moment with Apple gaining most of the sales. The move from the affordable Nexus line was made to compete with the mid-range Samsung phones, as well as others. Now, the Pixel brand could be used to promote a series of smartwatches to compete with Apple.

Google Pixel Watch Project

We only have a leak to go on, but it has been whispered that Google is working on a new smartwatch series. There are three different models with three different code names. These are Ling, Triton, and Sardine, which is a bunch of various names if ever there was one.

There is no information on whether these are different variants of the same model or different models altogether. Apple has two sizes on its smartwatch so that Google might do the same for one of its models. The Google smartwatches might come in 4g and WiFi variants that will have different price tags.

Google Pixel Watch Design and Specs

It is believed that Google will take most of the inspiration from Samsung smartwatches. It would be kind of safe to expect rounded edges and a 320 x 320p resolution. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 could be present in the CPU department.

This CPU model has been designed for compact use in such devices as is being developed under the codename Black Ghost. It is said to be kind on battery consumption.

In terms of customization, it would be a great idea to incorporate the use of third-party straps on the future Google Pixel Watch smartwatches. This will get users more excited about the product, as many people just love to express themselves in every way possible.

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