Google Play Store (Android TV) 16.1.34 Update Comes with Stability Improvements

Google’s operating system has changed the world and there is no doubt about that. Just take smart TVs which are running on the Android operating system for example. No one needs to watch cable TV anymore and sit through countless commercials before their favorite show comes on when instead, people can simply stream any show or movie they want through apps such as Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime and so on.

Considering just how important it is to access apps and games on smart TVs, we think it’s safe to say that the Google Play Store is the most important feature Android powered smart TVs have to offer. Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that the Google Play Store is being updated on a daily basis with improvements.

Google Play Store (Android TV) 16.1.34 Update

We have some great news to share with smart TV users today! The Android TV version of the Google Play Store has just received a new update which sports the 16.1.34 version number. This is a maintenance update which means that instead of adding any cool features or changes to the UI (user interface), the update comes with a bunch of stability improvements. With that being said, Android fans who want to make sure that their smart TVs are offering the fastest performances should make sure to download the latest update as soon as possible.

How to Download the New Update

The question that all Android fans must be asking right now is what do they need to do in order to access the stability improvements which are being introduced by the new update? The answer is simple. The only thing that Android fans need to do is to keep their smart TVs connected to a stable internet connection because the update is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels.

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