iPhone 12 Would Not Sport Samsung Displays, As Claimed By Specific Sources

Apple’s latest decision for their next year’s iPhone 12 models might come with something that will only annoy Samsung. Why is this really happening if they are still collaborating? And how it will affect the future of both companies? More details we are going to find out up next.

Apple is currently hard working at the next iPhone 11 series, but for iPhone 12 models, the Cupertino-based company is preparing something special – ‘the best iPhone ever.’ They are developing some last tests on the display, trying to figure it out the best and final adjustments that the future iPhone 12 needs.

Apple started a strong collaboration with China’s BOE Technology Group. The company offers to Apple their flexible OLED displays, one of the most appreciated displays. It will probably represent a significant change for the future iPhone 12.

Some sources claimed the fact that Apple reached its final phases of certification for the cutting-edge display technology. This will help the double goal of decreasing prices, and the company’s dependence on Samsung, too. The Samsung company is Apple’s one crucial supplier.

iPhone 12 Might Ditch Samsung’s Displays Over China’s BOE Technology Group

Samsung had last year an essential role for the Apple company, providing them the OLED displays for iPhone X. It is also said that nobody couldn’t reach Apple’s expectations than Samsung did. In 2018, the LG screen was introduced to the supply chain, even if the Samsung company maintain its way of providing almost all the displays for the iPhone XS version.

iPhone X or XS isn’t, however, the only one to benefit from an OLED screen. BOE had also let the MacBook and iPad to reach their products. This year the expectations for the income are set even higher. BOE will supposedly reach some large amounts, like $30 billion, this year, a fact that shows how famous is also Apple for the Chinese company.

Finally, even if the iPhone 12 won’t get a significant redesign as the Galaxy S10 did, the Samsung company will probably still have many chances to suffer a big defeat next year.

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