PS5 Release Date – Dev Kits on the Upcoming Console

The days of the current generation of consoles are numbered, as Sony and Microsoft are getting prepared for their next-generation consoles to deliver an unpredicted performance and superior graphics. However, there’s a chance that Sony’s new gaming console might arrive sooner than the Xbox Scarlett.

Dev Kits 

Sony has begun shipping early versions of their new console to developers, but people should be aware that the new consoles that will hit the stores next year most likely won’t look or perform the same as the kits, which are secretive units meant to be used by studios that are working on video games for the upcoming console.

This is a normal part in the process of releasing a new console, but the timing of the release of the new consoles’ dev kits might hint when Sony plans to release the real console.

What is known

A Sony patent application provided by the INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial) in Brazil which contained blueprints of what seems to be the dev kit for the PS5 was unearthed this Tuesday. Matthew Stott, a senior artist at British video game studio Codemasters, confirmed that the patent was indeed a PlayStation 5 dev kit. His tweet was deleted, however. After this comment rose to popularity, Stott also made his account private.

Release date

The fact that the dev kits are already being shipped likely means that Sony’s next-gen console is ahead of schedule.

In the case of the PS4, dev kits were released exactly one year before the launch of the actual console, so it’s expected that the PS5 will be available for purchase next summer (late August, best case scenario), or next fall, when the Xbox Scarlett will debut too.

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