Pokemon GO Update 0.153.0 Available to Download with Unova Pokemon and PvP ranked matches

Last Wednesday night, a new update to Pokemon GO was released, and its Samsung Galaxy Store number is 0.153.0 and it featured many additions to the code of the game in anticipation of Gen 5 arriving in September.

What we know

Data miners revealed that the code of the game featured updates which are references to all Gen 5 Pokemon, which also includes the Pokemon Black and Pokemon White games for the Nintendo DS.

Various information was revealed about different forms of Pokemon, including Keldeo’s Ordinary and Resolute variants, Zen and Incarnate forms for Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus and Kyurem Black and White.

A reference to a new evolution stone which might function similarly to a Sinnoh Stone was found, as well as references to a Vs Seeker and Route Maker. This is backed up by dataminer @Chrales who found some further imagery that confirms this hypothesis.

PvP Information

A lot of references that seem to relate to a Trainer Battle matchmaking service were discovered under the name of “VS Seeker”, an item that was used by trainers who sought extra battles in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Other references regarding trainer battles include a phrase about not having enough “battle passes”, which seem like a Raid Pass-like feature which could put this VS Seeker behind a paywall.

Further information

Those who seek additional information about the new update can keep an eye on Reddit board r/TheSilphRoad for users u/martycochrane and u/makateller’s summary post. The raw code findings can be observed on their PokeMiners Discord server as well.

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