YoWhatsApp 7.99 Launched With Anti-Ban v2, Bug Fixes, And Other Improvements

A significant chunk of people communicates and shares information on WhatsApp. The messenger has an official version as well as some alternative versions that allow for more customization. One of those WhatsApp mods has come in the shape of YoWhatsApp. Now, YoWhatsApp 7.99 rolled out with Anti-Ban v2 and other improvements.

Limitations of vanilla WhatsApp

The regular version of WhatsApp has removed the feature of sending large video and audio files. Which further restricts a rather limited platform that has tremendous potential. As evidenced by the alternative versions of the app, including YoWhatsApp.

The latest version of YoWhatsApp 7.99, sporting the Anti-Ban v2 integration from the official devs, has been recently released. Facebook purchased WhatsApp for a very large amount of money some years back and has slowly been stretching its muscles over the functionality of the service.

The company has issued a ban for all users that were using one of the WhatsApp mods, like YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsAPP, and WhatsApp Plus. The unofficial devs have worked hard to find a solution for this and have introduced an Anti-ban function with each new install.

Get YoWhatsApp 7.99 for Anti-ban and bug fixes

The latest version of YoWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp 7.99, comes with the Anti-ban v2 measure built into the app. But if you have been previously banned by WhatsApp officials, then uninstall YoWhatsApp and install the new YoWhatsApp 7.99 version. Verify your number again by typing the SMS code into the app.

The new version of YoWhatsApp contains several bug fixes that were causing the app to crash. The crashes came with an error that said that there is “not enough message space.” Next, you have the full list of updates with YoWhatsApp 7.99.

YoWhatsApp 7.99 Updates

  • Fixed Not enough space message
  • Fixed Recording Crash
  • Fixed com.yowa cannot add custom stickers
  • Fixed Deleted message icon not showing
  • Fixed White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call
  • Fixed Google Play Service error message on registration

You can download YoWhatsApp 7.99 with Anti-ban v2 and several improvements as an APK file.

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