How to add attachments to reminders on your iOS device

add attachments reminders ios

Apple’s reminder is used to keep track of certain activities on the iPhone. The app satisfies users with its available features. This reminder app is very useful to carry out tasks over a particular time.

Apple reminders app allows users to attach external files to the set reminders. These files can be images, hyperlinks, or documents. However, only people who have updates like the iOS 13, MacOS 10.15, and WatchOS 6. Users without these updates can’t attach external files.

This type of reminder can be helpful on many occasions. Nonetheless, one needs to know how to do these things.

How to attach images to reminders

Images can be added to a set reminder by using the “Quick toolbar”. These images can include screenshots too. To do this, select any reminder from the app. Once done, locate the quick toolbar from the keyboard displayed. Select the camera icon for importing images or taking a photo. Note that it only works on the above-mentioned updates.

How to attach scanned documents to reminders

Unlike images or screenshots, scanned documents can also be included in a reminder. It might be in a PDF format. Similar to the above method, locate the quick toolbar, select the camera icon and select the option with “Scan Documents”. The camera icon will be set to capture the particular documents. Once captured, it will be displayed in a yellowish color. Make sure you hold firm the camera for suitable capturing of the documents. Added documents are located at the bottom of the camera. They can also be edited.

How to attach hyperlinks to reminders

Another thing that can be added in a reminder is hyperlinks i.e. website links. In a reminder, locate the information (i) icon. At the bottom, there is a box displayed for you to put down the URL of any webpage. Note that you cannot add more than one web link in a reminder.

These ways enhance our usage of the reminder app. It simplifies the recognition of a set reminder. If you find it difficult importing files, then your update is not supported. Files adding only work on the mentioned updates.

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