PureVPN Proves It’s Customer First With No-Log Certification

Logging is a serious crime, especially in the virtual private network industry. After all, an internet user mainly wants to use a VPN to hide their activities from being tracked by an ISP, hacker, or any other third-party. Therefore, what good a VPN would do if it stores the logs of its users?

The same thought sends chill down many VPN users’ spine. They don’t want to work with any VPN service that stores any connection records or usage history. Ultimately, it leads them to look for a VPN provider that promises of keeping absolutely no logs. Zero logs. Nada.

This expectation led many VPN providers to retouch their Privacy Policy, make it more transparent when discussing what data they collect and how they use it. Though a revamped policy eased the concerns of some users, there were still many who wanted some more.

Asa result, top-ranked services reached out to third-party auditors to get their claims validated and, thus, provide substantial proof to their users.

PureVPN Got Its No-Log Certification

PureVPN doesn’t need an introduction since it’s a well-known service in the industry, operating for over a decade now. Though the VPN service isn’t the first to have gotten its zero-log claims validated it is not the last either.

The VPN provider is always dedicated to assuring its users absolute internet privacy and security. To ensure that they deliver on their promises all the while easing the concerns of privacy-conscious users, they called in the experts at a California-based third-party auditor, Altius IT.

Unlike other services that claim to be no-log certified by independent auditors after getting a select few servers evaluated, PureVPN actually shared its live environment with Altius IT. The auditor analyzed the zero-log claims made in the Privacy Policy and technically evaluated each claim by auditing the systems and log files.

The independent auditor concluded in the findings of the report that:

“[We] did not find any evidence of system configurations and/or system/service log files that independently, or collectively, could lead to identifying a specific person and/or the person’s activity when using the PureVPN service.”

PureVPN Proved It Listens to Its Users

What this audit of PureVPN’s no-log claims tells us? Well, it tells us the transparency and accountability of the VPN provider. It also tells us that the VPN provider takes the feedback of its users seriously and act upon it to ensure that their opinions and concerns are heard.

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