Tips to Prepare for Microsoft 70-486 Exam

Almost every single one of us today has grown accustomed to technology and we are not willing to give it up at any costs. Technology has made our lives a lot easier, and the best part is that technology seems to keep on getting better by the day. Many companies are currently investing in technology improvements.One of these companies is Microsoft, and it needs no introduction. Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world, and it has only grown bigger since it first started in the ‘70s. Microsoft has introduced a ton of awesome technologies over the years, but that is not all that the company does. Microsoft also offers a lot of different certifications and exams, and you are free to choose and pass any test to get certified (if you qualify).

There are various exams that Microsoft offers, but each test is for a specific group of people. If you are an IT professional, then you should take a look at all of the courses that Microsoft offers, and you will surely find some exams that will interest you. However, right now we are only taking a look at Microsoft 70-486 exam, the test that leads to the MCSD: App Builder credential Get Video Tutorials.

Basic information about the exam

Microsoft 70-486 exam is part of a bigger picture as it is one of the exams that you can to take to get the MCSD: App Builder certification. There are two other tests that you can choose from to earn this credential: 70-487 and 70-357. However, 70-486 test remains the most popular option among candidates for MCSD: App Builder.

So, if you have decided to take 70-486 exam, then there are a couple of things you need to know about it. First, 70-486 is one of the most challenging tests that Microsoft has to offer, and this is precisely why it is not for everyone. If you are planning to take Microsoft 70-486 exam, you need to fulfill certain requirements, more specifically,obtain one of these two credentials:

  • MCSA: Universal Windows Platform
  • MCSA: Web Applications

It is also better if you have a few years of experience because a lot of questions that are asked during the exam can only be answered through practical knowledge.

Some must-know tips

Passing any exam can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing, and the same is the case with Microsoft 70-486 exam. To pass any test, the first and most important part is preparation. If you do not prepare for 70-486 exam, then you can say goodbye to the MCSD: App Builder certification. There are a few different topics that make up 70-486 exam, and you need time to cover all of them. This is why it is important that you start preparing for the test as early as possible.

Necessary materials

Next, you need to find the right study material. Microsoft 70-486 exam is quite popular, and that is why you can find a lot of study resources online. However, you don’t need just any source, you need to find the most reliable ones. This is why it is best if you stick with the official Microsoft content. If you visit Microsoft’s website, then you will find an official reference book along with a lot of practice questions. Microsoft also offers an instructor-led training course which can help you cruise through all the topics easily. Another reliable platform that you can use is PrepAway – this website offers paid study bundles and free files for IT exams including Microsoft 70-486 test. PrepAway bundles contain everything that you will need to prepare properly for Microsoft 70-486 exam including video lectures, guides, and practice questions.

What to do on the exam day?

A lot of people easily get nervous on the exam day, and that is completely normal, however, you should not let it get to your head because that might hinder your performance. Firstly, you need to make sure that you arrive early to the exam hall. It doesn’t matter if the location is close to your home because you should have time to spare when you get there. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should not revise anything a few minutes before the exam because that will only ramp up the pressure and you will start to forget key points.

When the questions are in front of you, you should first leave everything and go through all the questions slowly and properly. If you don’t read the questions carefully, then there is a chance that you might make a mistake. Keep in mind that you are on a clock, and that is why you cannot waste precious moments on something pointless. If you are unable to remember the answer to a question, then you should just move on to the next one to save time. At the end of the exam section, if you have time to spare, you can go back to that question, review your answers, and make some changes if necessary.

One thing that is very crucial is that you should study all the topics thoroughly. Some people tend to memorize the answers to the questions that they see in the practice tests, and this is absolutely wrong. The questions that are part of the real exam can be different from those in the practice tests.


These were some of the main tips that you need to know to prepare for 70-486 exam. Microsoft 70-486 test is probably one of the most popular exams that Microsoft has to offer, and passing it can be really beneficial for your career. If you are one of the IT professionals who want to improve their skills or simply learn new ones, then you should check out other Microsoft exams too because you will surely find something worth your time and effort.

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