When will Biometric Identification Systems Go Mainstream?

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Biometric security has been a common theme for futuristic science fiction movies for some time, and a lot of different filmmakers have envisioned a future in which biometrics will one day be mainstream. Offerings like Demolition Man and Minority Report are standout examples in which biometrics are used for various security protocols such as gaining access to buildings. The idea seemed novel when the films were released, but now it looks as though the writers were on the money. Biometric identification systems are already working their way into the mainstream.

One thing that has been continually apparent in the internet age is the constant need for heightened security measures. Cybercriminals have adapted to the evolution of the online world and, in turn, developed more ingenious ways to hack into people’s systems and steal personal information and assets. According to hostingtribunal.com, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds and the cybersecurity budget in the US is $14.98 billion in 2019. It is clear from these figures that internet security is nowhere near as tight as it needs to be, and more secure methods need to be incorporated in order to keep people safe online.

Fingerprint scanning as a form of identification is already on the rise, with this now being one of the preferred options for unlocking smartphones. The method has revolutionized smartphone security, and made it virtually impossible for an intruder to access the device. The mobile industry has also been at the forefront of advancements in facial recognition software as a way to tighten security measures. In the mobile sector, certainly, biometrics could now be considered mainstream. Currently, though, it is much harder to incorporate the software for users who need to input security information to enter certain sites.

For online security, it will require another major industry to help biometrics break into the mainstream. The online casino sector is frequently at the forefront of technological developments, and it could be one of the first to pounce on this software. Players who want to play now at an online casino site will find plenty of offers online to take advantage of. But in signing up to any given site, there are some security measures that need to be adhered to first. Players need to enter some of their personal details, and then set a password which usually comes with at least two-factor authentication. If the industry started using biometrics, it could save players a lot of time.

The concept of biometrics in sci-fi has shown the technology being used on a mass scale. In the Minority Report, for instance, the government had a sprawling database of all citizens, and this meant that they could be tracked through retina scans done by cameras dotted around the cities. This kind of mass control may never come to fruition, though, as it would be considered by many to be an invasion of privacy.

With biometrics already breaking out into the mobile market, it won’t be too long before other industries follow suit. This form of identification could finally improve cybersecurity and make things more difficult for hackers.

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