*UPDATED* GTA Online Summer Update NOW OUT – Patch Notes, New Vehicles, Clothing, Discounts & more

The summer update is now live and there’s a ton of new content in the game.

Keep reading for all the details.

Summer Update Patch Notes

According to Reddit user, Dan6erBond, the Summer Update contains the following.

New Content & Discounts

There is a load of new content in the latest patch.

New Content:

  • Stock vehicle wheels have been added to the new ‘Street’ category to be applied on any vehicle
  • The new yacht missions pay about GTA$ 14,000-25,000
  • Arcade Games: Ace of Fury (GTA$ 666,000) and Qub3d (GTA$ 333,000)
  • A new business battle on the aircraft carrier has been added

Legendary Motorsports:

  • Benefactor BR8 (GTA$ 3,400,000)
  • Declasse DR1 (GTA$ 2,997,000)
  • Lampadati Tigon (GTA$ 2,310,000)
  • Invetero Coquette D10 (GTA$ 1,500,000)
gta summer update vehicles 1
LEGENDARY CONTENT: Thanks to Twitter user, @NuroCitrix, for giving us a glimpse of the new legendary vehicles

Southern San Andreas Super Autos:

  • Canis Seminole Frontier (GTA$ 678,000)
  • Dundreary Landstalker (GTA$ 1,220,000)
  • Imponte Beater Dukes (GTA$ 378,000)
  • BF Club (GTA$ 1,280,000)
  • Maibatsu Penumbra FF (GTA$ 1,380,000)
gta summer update vehicles 2 1
BACK ONCE AGAIN: Twitter user, @NuroCitrix, comes in with the goods again as they get us a look at the new Southern San Andreas stock


  • Bravado Gauntlet (GTA$ 615,000)
  • Bravado Youga (GTA$ 195,000)
  • Benefactor Glendale (GTA$ 200,000)
  • Declasse Yosemite (GTA$ 485,000)
  • Albany Manana (GTA$ 10,000)
gta summer update vehicles 3 1
HAT TRICK: That’s right, Twitter user @NuroCitrix has supplied us with screenshots of all the new vehicles


  • Popped Leather Jacket (White/Gray/Tan/Black/Red/Brown)
  • Bomber Jacket (Various, 15 Designs)
  • Short Service Shirt (9 colours)
  • Double Shirt (Three styles, various colours)
  • Long Sleeve Baseball Tees (7 designs)
  • Polo Shirt (7 designs)
  • Sports Tops (21 designs/colours (Brucie cosplay?))
  • Office Shirts (whole category, 20 colours)
  • Cargo Pants (8 colours)
  • Sports Track Pants (21 designs/colours (Brucie confirmed))
  • Gloves, Armoured (8 colours)
  • Sports Masks (8 designs)
  • Animal Masks (12 designs)

Podium Vehicle:

  • The Sheava (might be the internal name for the Emperor ETR1)

Double GTA$ and RP Activities:

  • 2x GTA$/RP on Open Wheel Races
  • 2x GTA$/RP on the new Yacht Missions
  • 2x GTA$/RP on Diamond Adversary Series

Discounted Content:

  • 30% off Yachts
  • 40% off Arcades
  • 30% off the Arcade Drone Station
  • 30% off MC Business Supplies
  • 20% off Bunker Supplies
  • 40% off Garage Properties (Excluding Apartments)
  • 30% off Benny’s Conversions

Twitch Prime Bonuses:

  • 60% off X80 Proto
  • 60% off Bravado Gauntlet

Feature Updates & Improvements

  • An additional two garage slots have been added
  • There is a new timer on the Lucky Wheel! Anytime you get near it seems you will see how much time you have left to wait until you can spin it again
  • It seems it is now possible to return ANY personal vehicle back to storage
  • The colours in the MCT for MC businesses regarding stock and supplies have been fixed
  • The MkII’s 5-minute cooldown is now applied to the regular mechanic

We will continue to update these patch notes throughout the day.

GTA Online Summer Update Release Date

The summer update arrived on Tuesday, 11 August.

gta summer update new cars
NEW WHEELS – We wouldn’t mind taking this racer for a spin

Keep reading to find out what content Rockstar has promised.

What’s arriving?

According to this post from Rockstar Games, this is everything we know arriving in the Summer Update:

Galaxy Super Yacht Missions

Galaxy Super Yacht owners will have a load of new missions, both solo and co-op.

galaxy super yacht min
SUNSEEKER – Get ready for some new missions on the water

This ranges from deep-sea diving to high-speed hi-jinks across the water.

New Business Battles & Adversary Modes

Between deliveries and sales, take to the streets in new Business Battles in some surprising locations for some big rewards.

gta online summer update confirmed
LET BATTLE COMMENCE – I will be interesting to see how the Business Battles will unfold

The Diamond Casino & Resort will also see a range of Adversary Modes taking place.

New Vehicles

Of course, there are a load of new vehicles in the update. More than a dozen new vehicles will be available to purchase, but what can you expect?

We know that the new selection includes rides for Benny to customise, off-roaders, tunable sports cars and a pair of new Open Wheelers.

gta summer update new cars
SPEED OF SOUND – Put the pedal to the metal in this racer

Push them to the limits in a series of new Open Wheel Races – or design your own with the new Open Wheel Race Creator.

General Improvements & Fixes

Finally, there will be a number of general improvements and fixes, as well as more weekly special events and bonuses to look forward to.

READ MORE: Everything we know about the GTA Online Summer Update

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