UFC 4 Reddit: Re-creating Famous Fighters, Iconic Moments and more

UFC 4 is out, and is hitting the ground running! With our review out and the verdict officially in – it’s time to head over to Reddit and see what the passionate, informed and dedicated UFC community are saying about the game!

Famous Faces!

When it comes to customising your character, UFC 4 has plenty to offer. Understandably, the game caters for every style of character build, whether it be super realistic, or weird and wonderful.

It appears that some talented folks are recreating famous boxers for the game, and with surprising success!

One Reddit user put together this pretty accurate rendition of Luis Peña!

UFC 4 community
CREATIVE: The likeliness is almost uncanny – Image Credit: u/headkickjack

The same user also tried their hand at creating some other fighters from the real UFC, including Khamzat Chimaev, who’s rising to stardom as we speak.

We’ve even seen Floyd Mayweather floating around the thread!

We expect to see some fantastic and unique build in the coming months, and we wonder just how far people will take it. We’re confident the results will be truly impressive!

Highlight Real

It was only a matter of time until some people recreated knockout moments which stunned the world!

One of which is from the ballistic flying knee from Jorge Masvidal that sent Ben Askren to the canvas within seconds.

One talented user pretty much nailed it, even with the following punches and somewhat divisive celebration!

UFC 4 reddit
YOU WERE ASKREN FOR IT: The flying knee caught everyone by surprise – Image Credit: u/thekidbjj2

What other amazing knockout wins will make the cut, or will we see some historic submission wins be recreated?

Khabib vs McGregor anyone!

You can get your hands on the game right now, and also if you purchase before 22 August, you’ll be able to gain access to Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury as bonus playable characters!

How to join Reddit

Joining Reddit is super straight forward, simple head over here and follow the directions to become part of the community.

For everything UFC 4, from guides to the latest news – be sure to check back in with us.

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