Madden 21 Xbox Series X: Smart Delivery, Free Next-Gen Upgrade, Release Date, Gameplay Features, Trailer, Latest News & more

We’ve gotten tons of great information about Madden 21 so far, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Here’s everything you need to know about the game and how it’ll run on the Xbox Series X.

Latest News – The Yard Fully Revealed!

The newest game mode that will join the Madden series for Madden 21 is The Yard.

While we’ve had some speculation and leaks about The Yard for some time, EA have finally gone in-depth on what the mode will bring.

madden 21 the yard gameplay
RISE UP: You’ll have to go big or go home in The Yard

The Yard will feature gameplay unlike anything else in the series, and will bring back the backyard football feel.

We can expect it to be one of the most popular ways to play Madden 21 on next-gen consoles.

Madden 21 Gameplay

Thanks to the Official Reveal Trailer and Gridiron Notes released by EA, we now have a good look into gameplay for Madden 21.

This includes some big feature announcements.

madden 21 dalvin cook
HE’S GONE- Dalvin Cook breaks past the defense, probably thanks to some clever use of the Skill Stick

The Skill Stick will allow players to really customize how they evade the defense by using the right thumbstick to combine moves like spins, jukes, hurdles and more.

Much like the Skill Stick on offense, pass rushing moves will also get some flair this year with the right thumbstick, making players reconsider only playing as linebackers, safeties, and corners, and adding some more power and interaction to the defensive line.

And finally tackling animations are getting some love thanks to a new feature that will adjust how players tackle depending on where the play is on the field.

Gone are the days of defenders having tackle animations that gain the ball carrier a first down for free without being able to control it. This will be a huge boost to defensive creativity and tackling in the open field.

Madden 21 release date

We now have an official release date for Madden 21!

The trailer confirmed that the game will be out on 28 August, with early access via the MVP Edition starting on 25 August.

This is well before the release window of “Holiday 2020” for the Xbox Series X. So should you wait until next-gen is out to get Madden 21?


Free upgrade to Xbox Series X

Thanks to both Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system and EA’s Dual Entitlement, anyone who buys Madden 21 on the Xbox One can upgrade to the Series X version for free.

That means you don’t have to hold off on your Super Bowl journey or Ultimate Team for months.

The game has also been Optimized for Series X, allowing it to take advantage of the amazing power the console has.

Xbox Series X Specs

Xbox Series X will be Microsoft’s most powerful console ever. Powered by their custom-designed processor leveraging AMD’s latest Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures.

xbox series x specs 12 teraflops rate shading raytracing
WOW: That is some serious power

Delivering four times the processing power of an Xbox One and enabling developers to leverage 12 TFLOPS of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) performance – twice that of an Xbox One X and more than eight times the original Xbox One.

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Their patented form of variable rate shading (VRS) empowers developers to more efficiently utilize the full power of the Xbox Series X. Rather than spending GPU cycles uniformly to every single pixel on the screen, they can prioritize individual effects on specific game characters or important environmental objects.

You can expect more dynamic and realistic environments powered by hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing – a first for console gaming. This means true-to-life lighting, accurate reflections and realistic acoustics in real-time as you explore the game world.

Eradicating loading times

“We’ve created a new generation of SSDs… We’re using the SSD as virtual RAM” said Microsoft in their reveal video, and the result will make loading times a thing of the past.”

This will be the biggest boost for Madden players, as the loading delay in nearly every game mode has been lengthy in Madden 20. The ability to jump from MUT challenge to Superstar KO or CFM in a flash will revolutionize the Madden experience.

Xbox One Controllers
SLICK: The new controller features a stunning D-pad

In theory, core performance should receive a major boost too.

It’s also been confirmed that Xbox Series X will have a disk drive, since the console will support four generations worth of backwards compatibility. That means you don’t have to buy Madden 21 twice!

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“Your games, achievements, progression and accessories will all come forward with Xbox Series X.”

The combination of the custom AMD architecture, the DDR6 RAM, and the SSD drive could well give us a console that feels truly revolutionary.

What does this mean for Madden 21?

  • The improved graphics, including all-new ray tracing, will mean more realistic stadiums, fields, crowds and players.
  • Dive straight into games with almost non-existent loading times.
  • 8K supported gameplay means the new visuals will look even crisper than the youtube video below, but with more realistic graphics leading to an ultimate virtual football experience.

In short, Madden 21 on the Xbox Series X will be the most realistic looking Madden ever and the ultra-powerful hardware means an even better NFL experience.

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