Madden 21 EA Access: Trial, early access, demo, news & more

The Madden 21 release date is closing in fast.

However, like every big EA game, there is not really ONE release date, there are a few. The first comes on EA Access

Latest news – The Yard revealed!

Madden’s latest game mode, The Yard, was finally revealed today by EA.

We’ve got all the details you need.

What is EA Access?

Let’s start with what EA Access is.

EA Access is similar to Xbox Game Pass and other subscription services. For a monthly fee, PS4 and Xbox One gamers can play EA games as much as they want.

There is a slight catch, in that the newest games don’t arrive straight away on EA Access. FIFA 20 hit EA Access in May 2020, A long, long time after its release date.

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However, there are some great games on there like the latest Need For Speed, co-op kings Unravel Two and A Way Out, as well as classics like Dead Space, Titanfall, and Mass Effect.

The other benefit of EA Access is that subscribers get a 10 hour trial of major sports games before their full release.

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This is happening right now with UFC 4. And will happen with Madden 21 too…

Madden 21 on EA Access

So the question is, when will Madden 21’s 10 hour trial start on EA Access?

Well, we don’t really know.

Usually the trial is available seven days before the release date.

With Madden 21 set for release on 28 August, that would suggest an EA Access date of 21 August.

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However, last year Madden 20’s EA Access trial started nine days before release, which would put us at 19 August…

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So that’s the window you’ll want to keep an eye on. If you pre-order Madden 21 and get one of the editions that give early access then it might not matter too much. But there will be plenty that want to get into The Yard and Franchise Mode as early as possible!

Madden 21 Ultimate Team reveal coming

Get ready to start your Ultimate Team journey!

When the 10-hour trial kicks off plenty of players will be grinding their way through solo challenges and building XP before anyone else.

The top core elite players have already been revealed, and a live stream tonight should show off the MUT Captains and Masters.

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