FIFA 21 Beta: Release Date, Gameplay, Game Modes, Graphics, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Volta, Cover Star, Next Gen & more

FIFA 21 is nearly here and the Beta is the first chance to play for a select few FIFA fans.

Keep reading to find out more about the FIFA 21 Beta.

Release Date

The FIFA 21 Closed Beta is now live!

Footage that appears to be from the Beta is popping up online now too.

BETA FOOTAGE? If it is, then the player faces certainly look improved – Credit Xistragod

This apparent Beta footage shows a variety of features in the game, including but not limited to walkout music, game faces, and even new penalty animations.

Which platforms can you play the Beta on?

FIFA 21 is on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch version, however, will be a Legacy Edition that does not have many of the new gameplay innovations, but does have updated teams, menus and more.

Reportedly, the Beta will only be for PS4 and Xbox One owners this year.

What is the Closed Beta?

The Closed Beta is FIFA fans first chance to play the new
game well before it is officially released, and before the demo too!

The game will still be in its testing phase, with players giving feedback to on certain game modes.

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Much like with other EA titles, such as UFC 4, feedback is noted and acted upon to ensure the game has the best finishing touches upon release.

What game modes are available?

EA has confirmed that those who get access to the Beta will have access to Kick-Off and one other game mode from the list below:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)
  • Career
  • Pro Clubs
Fifa 20 Volta Football
BRAND NEW! Will we see another brand new feature on this years Beta?

You’ll have to choose wisely, but EA has said that once the Beta is live they MAY grant users access to more than one game mode.

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Official Reveal Trailer

Our first looks at FIFA 21 gameplay have come from the Official Reveal Trailer, which premiered 23 July, however shortly after we were treated to a more in-depth gameplay trailer.

Showing off new features, such as creative runs and all new ways of defending, it certainly delivered!

For everything FIFA 21, don’t forget to check back in with us!

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