Get an Xbox One X for just £180 in this HUGE Amazon deal

With next-gen just around the corner, we’ve been expecting the current-gen consoles to drop in price in the run-up to Christmas but we certainly didn’t expect a deal of this quality prior to Black Friday.

Right now Amazon, as part of its Gaming Week promotion, is selling a refurbished Xbox One X console for £179.99. That’s the most powerful console currently available on the market for less than half of its usual price of around £400 — it’s a complete steal. 

If you want a game thrown in, then you can get the Xbox One X and Gears 5 bundled together for £199.99. 

The Xbox One X is the perfect device for making use of the brilliant Games Pass subscription service and Microsoft have already confirmed that blockbuster exclusives like Halo Infinite will play on the Xbox One as well as the upcoming Xbox Series X.

Read on to learn more about this fantastic deal…

What does refurbished mean?

As these are refurbished machines technically they are second hand. Likely they’re consoles that someone had previously bought and returned for some reason. 

That means there could be minor cosmetic damage to the console or controller, or it might not come in the original box. So bear that in mind if you’re considering buying the console as a present.

However, Amazon states that each console has been ‘professionally checked and tested by qualified experts’ and each console comes with a year-long guarantee of a refund or replacement should you have any issues, which is the same warranty you’d get on a brand new console.

While some people might have misgiving about buying a refurbished unit the incredible price and Amazon’s own guarantee should be more than enough to convince you to nab this while you can.

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How long will this deal last?

The short answer is we don’t know the exact length of time this deal will be around, so if you’re in the market for an Xbox One X take advantage of this now before its gone. 

The smart money would suggest this deal won’t to be around for long considering these are refurbished units so the supply is likely limited, and with such a great price these consoles are sure to be snapped up fast. 

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