NBA 2K21 MyTEAM: New Limited mode will be a fan favourite

Get excited 2K fans, because the launch of NBA 2K21 is drawing ever closer!

It’s just two weeks until the games confirmed launch date of September 4th and, with a whole load of new features to be added, that date can’t come fast enough!

Creativity is key in MT Limited

One of the new features that has been announced for NBA 2K21 is the addition of MyTEAM Limited.

This brand-new mode will run from Friday-Sunday each week and will allow players the opportunity to unlock some top tier cards. The catch? You’ll have to be creative!

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Each week there will be a different set of stipulations for your lineup. Some weeks you may be asked to use a lineup solely comprised with players from the Central Division. Others you may be forced to use players over 30-years-old.

This creative approach is something we are fully behind. It will stop players from using the same set of 10/12 players all year round and will let players delve into squads that they otherwise would never consider.

Playing to win is the focus

For many, this will be the main reason to play this new mode.

Your ability when playing 2K will be put under the spotlight in this mode, as oppose to your ability to pay to win as has sometimes been the case in previous titles.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Seasons
SEASONS! Limited will tie in with the new Seasons format

The requirements are never going to ask you to have a team full of Galaxy Opals. Nor will it have a minimum squad rating requirement.

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Yes those with more coins will be able to build a better side than those on a budget, but with very specific requirements, your ability to craft a unique lineup will be more important than in any other MT mode.

Playing consistently is rewarded

2K have been good at this over the years, and that is no different in this new mode.

Each week you play in you will have the opportunity to pick up a ‘Championship Ring’, with the details of how to unlock that ring yet to be fully confirmed.

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM The Exchange
EXCHANGE! Heading to the exchange may help you find that missing piece!

These rings can then be traded in for different rewards – in a similar fashion to FIFA and their Weekend League reward scheme. The more you play, the more you’ll unlock, and the better the rewards you can earn.

A new fan favourite mode on MyTEAM?

Now obviously we will have to see how the mode plays out in practice once the game is released, but there is a huge amount of potential with this one.

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This is enough involved to please the competitive 2K players, whilst the fun interchangable sides should go down well with the casual players who play 2K for the enjoyement of the game.

This could well be the new standout mode in 2K, and we’re all for it!

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