Fall Guys Season 2 Skins: Theme, Predictions, Season 2 Premiere, Gamescom, and more!

If you, like us, are all about Fall Guys at the moment, then you’ll know that nothing beats some of the weird and wonderful skins in the game, but the big question is, what can we expect in Season 2?

Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen so far, and when we’ll likely hear more!

Fall Guys Season 2 Skins

First off, Fall Guys works a little differently from some games when it comes to skins, and we expect this to be the same in Season 2.

fall guys season 1
VIBRANT! The designers go all out with colourful designs in Fall Guys

You purchase costumes for your character by using the in-game currency, Crowns. It’s very simple – you see something you like in the store, you buy it!

So, what new costumes will be appearing in the store when Season 2 goes live?

Season 2 Skins Theme?

The in-game skins follow a theme…well…sort of.

We’ve seen everything from simple colour combinations, ‘Fast food’ packs and even the one and only Gordon Freeman (featuring headcrab of course!)

And that’s not to mention the ‘design your own’ skin campaign from Fall Guys themselves!

Fall Guys 2
READY? Battle your way to claim the crown!

They’ve opened up the floor to the highest bidder to design a legendary skin, with the money then going to Special Effect, a UK charity of gamers with physical disabilities.

Whether or not we’ll see a cosmetic theme, similar to other games like Fortnite or even PUBG Mobile, is still up in the air.

What to expect for Season 2?

Well, at this point it’s actually quite hard to say, especially as we’ve seen almost no boundaries to the creativity so far.

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Other games like Fortnite explore a number of possibilities, however, seem to follow themes a little more closely. Then again, it has been around for some time!

How Fall Guys choose to move forward is still a mystery, but we’re very excited to see where it all leads.

When will we hear more?

We’re going to be getting our first look at Fall Guys Season 2 at Gamescom on 27 August.

It’s highly likely we’ll get a glimpse of some new skins at the event, and perhaps even a new theme, and we’re hoping even more amazing game-modes.

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For how to watch, and when for your timezone, head over here!

For everything you need to know and more of Fall Guys, be sure to check back in with us!

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