Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 LEAKS: Season 4 Music Pack, Marvel Theme, News, Updates, Midas Flopper, Trailer, Battle Pass, Skins, Map and More

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is on the way, but we are very mujch being left in suspense by Epic.

A trailer could drop any day now, but what rumours and leaks have been going around the web?

Rift and Comic Book Activation today? – 22 August

FireMonkey tweeted some code, along with mention that The Comic Book and The Rift will be activated as early as today!

Head over here for everything you need to know and more!

Season 4 Music Pack Teased? – 22 August

Another post by Hypex has seemingly revealed a snippet of the Season 4 Music Pack.

You can read all about it right here!

Marvel Confirmed? – 21 August

This is perhaps the most concrete news we’ve received, with the South Korean eShop for Nintendo Switch seemingly confirming the Marvel theme.

Fortnite Marvel THeme
MARVEL-LOUS – Does this confirm that the Marvel superheroes will be featuring?

This was confirmed by @FNBRHQ on Twitter, but with the image quality not the best, it remains to be seen how reliable this is.

Midas Flopper? – 20 August

StonewallTabor, or Tabor Hill is the infamous leaker with the Epic Games employee inside source.

Midas Flopper
WOW – How rare will this item be?

HYPEX noted that in their latest video they talk about a ‘Midas Flopper’; one that when players fish it will turn every item they have into Legendary!

Marvel Theme – 19 August

This could just be pure speculation, but HYPEX has suggest that Season 4 “might” be Marvel themed – with Thor and his hammer possible cosmetics.

hypex tweet fortnite season 4 thor

We also have first whispers of what could appear in the trailer.

Wolverine Skin rumours – 15 August

Renowned Data-Miner and Leaker Hypex shared a post on Twitter recently which appears to suggest that a Wolverine Skin, and Wolverine Claws Pickaxe may have been planned by Epic.

image 17

It’s by no means confirmed, and even Hypex themselves states it’s a ‘POSSIBLE’ leak, but exciting nonetheless if true!

Head over here for everything you need to know and more about it!

Update and Release Date News – 11 August

A recent tweet from @VastBlastt shows the possibility that the new season won’t be delayed.

fortnite season 14 delays
DELAYS – We hope Season 4 isn’t delayed like the previous two seasons!

As you can see from the image above, these are more hints pointing towards the new Season having no delay.

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We hope this is the case as we’ll be getting new content ASAP!

Rift may appear above the map – 8 August

It looks like the rift will appear above the map, if we go on Hypex’s latest tweet.

image 11

Hypex actually lowered the rift, so we can all get a better idea of what it will look like. However, it won’t be this close to the map in the game!

Hightower Rift and Crater To Appear Soon – 6 August

HYPEX, well known Fortnite leaker posted an image and some notes about the in-game event.

They noted that the rift above The Authority is going to appear soon, along with the craters!

Hightower Locations 2

New Flopper Details leaked – 5 August

It appears that more information is coming in everything and anything fishing.

Head over here for the very latest details!

Hightower Event Leaks – 5 August

Well known Fortnite data miner, iFireMonkey was leaking all the news behind the new Hightower event.

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One of the more notable leaks was an image they found of what the event would leave behind on the map.

Hightower Markings 2
MYSTERY – What could this mean?

Linked To Marauders? – 5 August

Twitter user @TechonixX has posted a clever image of what they think is going to happen with the season-ending event.

FN Hightower rumor
PLAN – Could they have been planning this since 2018?

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