*UPDATED* Fortnite: New Chapter 2 Season 4 Skins! – Season 4 Start Date, Storyline, Season Themes, Super Heroes, Delays and More!

Fortnite Season 3 started with a bang!

The flood at the start of the season gave us awesome skins like Aquaman.

With the release of Season 4, we’ll get soem awesome gameplay hange as well as new skins.

Here, we cover some of the best leaked skins, that are likely to release at the start of Season 4.

Marvel Teasers

We can expect to get a few Marvel skins next season!

In the teasers, we can clearly see the characters Thor and Galactus, so we may be getting a full Marvel Season.

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We already have a few Marvel characters in Fortnite including Captain America, Deadpool and Star-Lord.

Season 4 Start Date

The Season 3 battle pass comes to an end on the 27th August 2020.

fortnite aquaman 1229285 1
SEASON 4 BATTLE PASS – Unlock awesome skins like Eternal Knight in the Season 3 battle pass!

On this date, you’ll no longer be able to contribute towards the current battle pass, and the new season will begin.

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This will not only bring new item shop cosmetics, but also a whole new battle pass with skins and cosmetics.

Season Themes

Each Seaosn of Fortnite focuses on a theme.

Fortnite Loot Shark Fishing Pole 1
AQUAMAN – Get the Season 3 battle pass to unlock the Aquaman skin!

This generally dictates the majority of skins that release in that season.

It’s unclear what the theme will be next season, but we’ve got a look at a few skins that are likely to release

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We’ve already had everything from Superheroes to Christmas as a theme, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go next!


At the start of Season 2 we were introduced to a new character called Midas.

This character played a large role in the stroyline and construction of the Season 3 flood.

However, it’s unclear as to how Midas may return. His return may mean we get some awesome new Shadow vs Ghost skin sets at the start of Season 4!

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For now, we have some new characters to follow, that will undoubtedly be just as improtant as Midas.

Agent Jonesy

We got a glimpse of the Agent Jonesy character in one of the cutscenes for the Season 3 event.

agent jonesy fortnite skin release date
JONESY – This character features in a few of the in-game skins.

This character, as seen above, looks like one of the default skins, but has a few significant changes.

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As Agent Jonesy will be one of the main characetrs, we can expect him to make an appearance in the Battle Pass.


The Dummy skin is a nod to the release of cars coming very shortly.

fortnite chapter 2 season 4 skins
DUMMY – Is this what the dummy skin will look like in Fortnite?

We’ve already seen a poster for season 4 showing off this skin, possibibly hinting at the release of drivable cars at the start of season.

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This would definitly be later than anticipated, but better late than never!

Super Heroes

We’re still unsure as to which Super Hero skins we’ll be getting in Season 4!

There have been some leaks and rumours pointing towards a possible Thor and Wolverine skin, but we’ll likely have to wait for Seaosn 4 to release to know for sure!

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With the Captain America skin releasing in the Item Shop as a standalone set, we may see more Hero’s being sold this way, rather than through the Battle Pass.

Season 4 Delayed?

Epic currently has a lawsuit filed against them from Apple and Google.

This comes after Epic changed the payment method on the respective App stores.

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Epic have stated that the lawsuit won’t effect the release of the new Season, but there’s always extrenuous factors that can effect Season 4!

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