Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Superstar MVPs promo, cards, master, sets, packs & more

It’s release day for Madden 21 and our first big promo in Ultimate Team is here!

Let’s dive into the Superstar MVPs!

Superstar MVPs masters & LTD

As the name would suggest, this promo is focusing on the best of the best.

As a result, obviously Lamar Jackson gets a Master slot. His 89 OVR card will come with 89 speed, 87 throw power, 88 short accuracy, and 90 break sack.

madden 21 superstar MVPs Lamar Master 1

On defense, Tyrann Mathieu gets the 89 OVR card. He has 87 speed, 89 zone coverage, 88 man coverage, and 72 catching to be a turnover machine.

Madden 21 superstar MVPs LTD gronk 1

The LTD, which will be in packs until 10am ET/3pm BST 30 August is Rob Gronkowski. The big TE will have 90 catching, 89 spectacular catch, 78 run block, and 80 speed.


To unlock Lamar you’ll need to add the Tyler Lockett, Tre’Davious White, Mike McGlinchey, and Preston Smith Superstar MVP Heroes cards.

You will get back your choice of two Heroes as NAT cards.

Madden 21 Superstar MVPs sets 1
TRADE UP: You’ll need four Heroes to get Lamar

It’s the same four players to unlock the Mathieu card too.

You can earn the Lockett and White Heroes by exchanging seven 80-82 Superstar MVP players. The McGlinchey and Smith Heroes can be earned through exchanging five 80-82 Superstar MVP cards.


The welcome pack contains an 80 OVR Lamar, but the store holds plenty more options.

You can get a Superstar MVPs pack for 30,000 coins or 500 points. This will contain two 76+ OVR Superstar MVPs, one 70+ OVR Gold or better, one 66+ OVR Silver or better, and two 62+ OVR Silver or better cards.

Madden 21 Superstar MVPs packs 1
GUARANTEED: This bundle will get you Lamar Jackson right away

You can buy one 80-86 Superstar MVPs player for 150 points.

There are 14x and 32x bundles too. The 14x one will cost 5,850 points and come with two 80-86 Superstar MVP players.

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The biggest 32x bundle will cost 12,000 points and comes with a topper of three 85-86 (that’s the Heroes) Superstar MVPs fantasy packs.


For you no-money grinders there are solo challenges too.

These will get you 12,000 coins on completion, as well as one Superstar MVPs Hero at 135 stars.

Madden 21 Superstar MVPs solos 1
EARN IT: There’s nothing like grinding your way to victory

There are also daily challenges for a few extra coins and XP.

What about MUT Series 1?

While the MUT Series 1 trophies are listed as a currency, there’s still no Series 1 Master available.

There is also no John Madden coach. We expect to hear more about them in the next Good Morning Madden stream.

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