Madden 21: Best playbooks (Offense & Defense) for Franchise Mode, MUT, & Online

Madden 21 playbooks can make a huge impact on your success in the game.

It’s here if you have the MVP version of the game. For general release, it’s later this week.

Either way, the first thing you’ll want to do when getting into a game is to choose your offensive and defensive playbooks.

These are the playbooks you should be considering.

Madden 21 Playbooks

There are definitely teams that are better than the others, but nearly every team in the NFL has at least a few superstars.

These players change the game, but they need a playbook that puts them in the best position to succeed with killer plays.

Offensive Playbooks

Best Passing Playbook – New England Patriots

madden 21 new england patriots playbook

Consistently one of the best playbooks every Madden, this years edition is no different.

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I Form Tight is the best running formation, but you pick this playbook for the variety of Gun formations.

Gun Split Close Pats is the best Gun Split Close in the game due to some unique plays that aren’t available elsewhere.

Screens seemed to have been fixed for Madden 21, so watch out for Gun Ace Slot Offset.

Best Running Playbook – Las Vegas Raiders

madden 21 oakland playbook

Not an out and out running playbook, but its pretty much the best in the game and running is a decent percentage of that.

This jack-of-all-trades playbook has immense depth. The Singleback and I Form are both great under center formations to run the ball from.

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Stretch plays are available in multiple formation types to get the defense on its heels.

Best Balanced Playbook – New Orleans Saints

rsz madden 21 new orleans playbook

The Saints playbook, also known as the West Coast alternative, is the most unique playbook outside of custom options.

Factoring in plenty of trick plays devised by Sean Payton, it has a lot of surprises for defenses and mixes the run with passing attacks.

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Lots of Singleback options, with the unique Single Double North giving versatility that the other playbooks don’t offer.

I Form and Strong Close helps with running the ball, but the key is the Near and Far formations.

These aren’t available anywhere else and can be deadly in the redzone.

Finally, Gun Bunch in this playbook is better than anywhere else. If you want to run a slick west coast passing attack – this is for you.

Defensive Playbooks

Best 4-3 Playbook – San Francisco 49ers

madden 21 san fran playbook

One of the core 4-3 playbooks, the 49ers plays are great for teams with small and fast DE’s like Nick Bosa.

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This playbook comes with extra formations for stacking against the run like 46 and 5-2. These are particularly strong in short yardage situations and on the goal line.

Having the option of Dime and Dollar is a embarrassment of riches when it comes to increasing the number of defensive backs on the field.

Best 3-4 Playbook – Kansas City Chiefs

madden 21 kansas city playbook 1

A playbook that actually has the option of 3-4 and 4-3 is always a plus. And the Chiefs actually have the personnel to play both, so watch out if you’re using this with another team.

Nickel 3-3-5 gives a great mix of coverage and pass rush which is helpful when trying to protect a lead against a pass heavy opponent.

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Dollar is another great option for pass defense. Whilst the standard 3-4 is great at stopping the run.

Best Versatile Defensive Playbook – New York Jets

madden 21 new york playbook

There are a few options this year.

Unlike previous Maddens, there are a handful of Madden 21 playbooks that give the option of 3-4 and 4-3 versatility.

Honourable mention for the Giants, Patriots and Lions but we have gone with Jets playbook.

It has a lot of variety in each formation with the ability to jump between 3-4 and 4-3.

It has the excellent Nickel 3-3-5 Will for more obvious passing plays.

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If you haven’t already, check out our review for Madden 21 right here, where we delve into the absolutely fantastic features, and highlight a few areas which could do with some tweaking too.

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