Minecraft Dungeons Crossplay CONFIRMED! Gamescom, Details, and more

Good news for Minecraft Dungeons fans as a long-awaited feature has finally been confirmed for the game.

But when does it arrive, and what other details were revealed at Gamescom?

Keep reading for everything you need to know and more.

Minecraft Dungeons confirms crossplay

It was announced in the small preview for Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC, that players will now be able to enjoy multiplayer across all platforms.

Regardless of whether you play on PC, Switch, PS4, or Xbox, you’ll be able to join forces and tackle the dungeons together!

minecraft dungeons creeping winter dlc
WINTER IS COMING: Wrap up warm, and head on into the dungeons!

The reason behind this change was apparently from the community demand, and is a great example of developers listening closely to fan-feedback.

When does it arrive?

Well, we didn’t actually get a fixed date, however, we know it will be coming later in the year.

We did get a release date for Creeping Winter – 8 September 2020.

What’s New in Creeping Winter DLC?

There are a ton of new additions to the Creeping Winter. Expect to face all-new mobs and battle the slippery ice, that will send you helplessly towards your greatest foes!

There’s also an increase to merchants in the maps, alongside new ways to upgrade and keep your favourite weapons.

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And of course, there is plenty more treasure to be discovered, so keep an eye out for our runes and secrets guides.

We didn’t get a glimpse of what bosses will be waiting for us though, but we imagine it will be a Icy Abomination!

When will we hear more?

We’ll likely hear even more details in the near future, but until then, be sure to check back in with us for all the latest guides, tips & tricks, and more on Minecraft Dungeons.

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