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Minecraft Dungeons arrived with a bang, and now Minecraft Dungeons first DLC is out too!

Here’s everything you need to know and more!

Latest News – Crossplay CONFIRMED

An announcement at Gamescom confirmed that crossplay will be coming to Minecraft Dungeons.

For everything you need to know and more, head over here!

What is Minecraft Dungeons?

Those that have played Minecraft before know that adventuring underground for resources is a key part of the game, and one of the more dangerous parts thanks to lava, zombies, creepers, and cave spiders.

minecraft dungeons 1
INTO THE DEPTHS – Are you brave enough to step into the Dungeons?

Well, take that, times it by 20, and you might just hit Minecraft Dungeons.

Inspired by classic dungeon crawler games and set in the Minecraft universe, Minecraft Dungeons puts you and up to three other players on an epic quest to battle enemies and save villagers from an evil Arch-Illiger!

Minecraft Dungeons release date

Minecraft Dungeons is now out!

It releases on Tuesday, 26 May 2020.

minecraft dungeons gameplay
ARMOUR UP: And go adventuring with friends!

It will be available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch!


Like the normal Minecraft, Dungeons will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Whatever hardware you normally game on, it will probably be available.

The game costs £16.74 on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch and is a smidge cheaper on PS4 at £15.99.

Hero Edition

Xbox and PC players have access to a special version of Minecraft Dungeons… Hero Edition.

minecraft dungeons pre order
SURROUNDED: The action looks amazing in Minecraft Dungeons

For £24.99 ($29.99) they get a few extras with the game:

  • Hero Cape
  • Two player skins
  • Chicken pet
  • Two DLC packs (Jungle Awakens being one of them!)

On PS4 this comes at a separate cost with the “Hero Pass”, setting you back £9.49. There is no such add-on for Nintendo Switch.


Teaming up with your friends is one of the best ways to experience Minecraft Dungeons, and it’s made possible by both online and local co-op.

However, it’s Minecraft crossplay that has broken down some of the walls among the community.

Xbox, PC, and Switch players can now jump into the same world and play together. It took them some time, but Sony finally allowed their players to join in too.

minecraft dungeons release date
BIOME LEVELS: There will be desert and aquatic levels, among others

While crossplay between Xbox & PC players will be there, Switch and PS4 players will remain isolated to begin with.

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Linking up every platform is something that is being looked at post-launch though, so don’t despair just yet.

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer


For those expecting to be able to mine your way through the dungeons, you’ll be in for a shock. There is no mining or building in this one!

Instead, it is a combat-driven game that has you rely on in-game pick-ups and equipping items to survive encounters with your enemies (don’t worry, there are no loot boxes or microtransactions).

minecraft dungeons equipment
EQUIPMENT IS KEY: You’ll find new weapons and armour on your adventures

The ARPG-style visuals and combat are reminiscent of games like Diablo III, so it will be a distinct departure from the normal Minecraft combat too.

It’s not all different though, the usual mobs will feature, with changes to spawn in armour and with weapons for an extra challenge. There will also be new foes and friends too.


Some lucky outlets have been able to get their hands on Minecraft Dungeons early!

Games Radar – 3.5/5

“A more approachable entry point for the hack and slash genre” Alex Avard

NME.com – 3/5

“Short but sweet dungeon crawler that struggles to live up to its name” Jordan Oloman

Windows Central – 4.5/5

“Minecraft Dungeons casts off the Diablo ‘clone’ status and site among the best action RPGs of the gen” Jez Corden

OpenCritic – 76%


The main villain in Minecraft Dungeons is the Arch-Illager who was bullied and disliked by other villagers until he finds a powerful artifact that gives him unfathomable power.

minecraft dungeons xbox

He forces all the villagers who shunned him to follow his commands and begins a campaign of terror, ransacking other villages across the land.

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As the heroes, you and your friends will set out to defeat him and his army of Illager minions.

Mojang says the story will be light touch, and the focus is very much on combat and character progression. “You have a chain of objectives you want to accomplish, [but] it’s not like we have a massive narrative that you go through,” Mojang’s David Nisshagen told IGN


The classic dungeon crawler games have a party of players who each embody a different class of character. A barbarian, a ranger, a warlock, and so on. To get to the end, you’d need a balanced party. Well, Minecraft Dungeons is a bit different.

You don’t have to lock your character’s class at the start and build your party out with the right people. Each player can build their class from the ground up on the go thanks to looting weapons, artifacts, and other items that can help you build an archer or warrior class as you want.

Tips & Tricks

One of the essential tips for the game is to ensure that you enchant your gear! Here’s how you do it.

Select the ‘swag’ you want to upgrade from everything you have collected on your travels and press ‘Y’ or ‘Triangle’ on your controller to view the enchantment options

Select the enchantment and press ‘A’ or ‘X’. This will spend the points and add the enchantment to the piece of equipment!

Minecraft Dungeons Trailer Lightning Hammer Strike
SHAZAM: Make way for some devastating attacks

You’ll also want to make sure to use replay levels for even better gear!

While the layout of every level remains the same, many of the chest locations, enemies, and loot drops will change every time you play.

The level of the potential gear is tied to the difficulty of every level, and you can see the range of difficulty on the mission select screen.

Replaying levels and tackling tougher enemies will earn you much better gear, so get back there and do it again!

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