Madden 21: How to set sliders for the most simulation experience

Madden 21 has been out for less than a week, and despite some tough fan criticism, the gameplay edits have been well received.

If you are playing and looking for a way to set the sliders to the most simulation setting, then look no further.

It won’t be so easy to run up the score though!

How To Adjust Your Sliders

Madden 21 sliders are there to help adjust the experience to make it a little more personal to you.

Depending on whether you want sim or arcade you can tweak them to make the game harder or easier for your current ability and style.

rsz madden 21 game options

You can find the Gameplay sliders in the settings menu in game or on the home screen.

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There are a few options for different gameplay sliders for you to edit; Penalties, CPU Skill, and Player Skill.

rsz 1madden 21 penalty sliders

Player Skill sliders change how well human-controlled players play, with the CPU sliders changing the AI.

Adjusting the penalty sliders will change the frequency of specific referee calls during the game. If you don’t think DPI isn’t called enough, you can move the slider up.

This will only work in offline games.

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For Online head to head player modes the sliders are set by EA, or commissioners in Online Franchise and you can’t change them.

Game Options

The game options are pretty straight forward and are mostly optional as they are focused on the length of the game.

If you are looking for a challenging sim experience these are what we recommend;

Slider OptionSlider Setting
Skill LevelAll-Madden
Game StyleSimulation
Superstar AbilitiesOn*
Quarter Length15 Mins*
Min Play Clock Time10 Seconds*
Speed Threshold0
*these can be changed to suit without affecting the play style too much

These aren’t easy settings, and you will be in for a long game. But these are closest to an actual NFL experience.

Penalty Sliders

These sliders affect how common penalties are called in the game.

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It can take a while tweaking them until you are happy but this is what we recommend;

Slider OptionSlider Setting
False Start55
Face Mask60
Block in the back60
Roughing the Passer50
Defensive PI70
Ineligible Receiver DownfieldOn
Offensive PIOn
Kick Catch IntOn
Intentional GroundingOn
Roughing KickerOn
Running Into KickerOn
Illegal ContactOn

Get it wrong and it can severely change the gaming experience so be careful playing around with them too much.

Player/CPU Sliders

These sliders dictate how difficult it is for you and the computer to be successful at certain aspects of the game.

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There are two sets of sliders depending on whether it is a user controlled player, or the CPU.

The number on the left relates to the User setting, with the number on the right the CPU setting.

Slider OptionUserCPU
Pass Blocking2045
Run Blocking2050
Reaction Time3060
Pass Coverage3060
FG Power5050
FG Accuracy5050
Punt Power5050
Punt Accuracy100100
Kick-Off Power5050

Remember, you can make these even harder or slightly easier depending on how you find them.

The key is to find something that suits you but also makes you feel like its a challenge – nearly every game in the NFL is a tough match up!

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