NBA 2K21 MyCAREER: Trailer, Features, Wishlist, Storylines, Choices, Next-Gen, Latest News & more

MyCAREER could very well be one of the best game modes coming in NBA 2K21.

Here’s what we know so far, and what we’d like to see on release day.

Latest News – MyCAREER Features Revealed in Trailer

The newest NBA 2K21 trailer covers new features for MyCAREER and The Neighborhood all at once, and it’s a huge one!

For MyCAREER, NBA 2K21 will be bringing back NCAA college basketball with 10 universities to choose from. There will also be some awesome new celebrity cameos.

For The Neighborhood, 2K Beach will shake things up as an a new location.

You can watch the trailer below:


While we’ve already seen some exciting things from NBA 2K21’s MyCAREER mode with the trailer, there’s some more we’re hoping to see.

No default nickname

Our first request is a simple one – please stop giving us ridiculous nicknames.

ENOUGH: Che is only the latest of frustrating nicknames that are default in MyCAREER

While you can eventually get rid of the “Che” moniker you start with in NBA 2K20 (through no choice of your own), it quickly becomes an annoying part of MyCAREER that has no reason to be out of your control.

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For the premier basketball franchise this is simply unacceptable when other sports games have been doing real names for years, and is an easy improvement.

More storylines and characters

MyCAREER starts with an exciting and engaging storyline of the main character fighting a corrupt college coaching environment.

AN AMAZING START- Meet your nemesis in NBA 2K20, because he’s the only major character the storyline has

This fight even goes all the way to draft day, but that’s where the excitement stops.

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Sure there are brand deals and product placements, but most of the complex storytelling is done before you even make it to the NBA.

For a mode that kicks off with Idris Elba as the main antagonist, falling into the same no-action cutscenes before and after most games from then on is a disappointment.

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The occasional storylines with teammates and staff are great, but they’re simply too far in-between.

More voice options

At its worst, voice acting in the MyCAREER game mode has spawned some hilarious moments.

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We’ve certainly come a long way, but in some areas, the series still lacks with voice acting.

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This is especially the case with your MyPLAYER’s voice, which in NBA 2K20 couldn’t be changed from a default option that stripped away immersion fast.

Grow with next-gen capabilities

While NBA 2K21 will likely beat the release of next-gen consoles by a few months, most fans are more excited to see how next gen improves NBA 2K.

nba 2k21 kobe
FUTURE: NBA 2K21 already looks great, but next-gen should massively evolve graphics

If the game is optimized for the powerhouse PS5 and Xbox Series X, we’re likely to see MyCAREER be the biggest beneficiary.

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This is because enhanced processing power will better generate background elements like crowds, environments, teammates and more. Massively improved graphical quality should mean hugely immersive cutscenes in MyCAREER’s story.

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These elements combined just might make MyCAREER one of the best game modes in NBA 2K21.

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