FIFA 21 Volta: Countdown, Pitch Notes, The Debut, Gameplay, Skill Moves & more

Volta Football is incoming for FIFA 21, and we’re super excited to get our first hands-on with it.

Keep reading as we cover everything about FIFA 21 VOLTA, outlined in EA’s Pitch Notes.

Latest News – The Countdown is on!

Release day is coming, but there are some important milestones coming our way in the meantime!

With early access, demos, and any EA comms on tweaks and changes from the Beta, there’s certainly a lot to keep up with!

Keep up to date with our FIFA 21 Countdown, right here!


EA has made a number of gameplay improvements in FIFA 21’s VOLTA.

Updated Skill Moves

Firstly, EA has worked on bringing in a number of new/updated skill moves to VOLTA.

These include:

The ball Flick Up

You can flick the ball in the air with a press of the R3 button, and a combination of R3 + Left Stick to flick the ball in any direction.

fifa 21 volta 1
HIGH STAKES: It’s a long way to go if you flick the ball out!

Players with a high Skill Move Rating will be able to pull off more creative animations.

4 and 5 Star Skill Players perform a variety of moves such as the Thigh Flick, Ball Roll Flick, Rainbow, Ball Hop Flick, Sombrero, and more.

Exlcusive Five Star Skill Moves

There will be a few moves that are exclusive to 5 star skillers, including the Around the World Flick, Drag Back Flick Spin and Ball Roll Flick Spin.

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Five star skillers will also have the ability to branch some moves into a pass or shot, by holding L2 + ☐/O + X or holding LT + X/B + A.

Agile Dribbling

VOLTA FOOTBALL is built on the foundation of the core FIFA engine which means that new features such as Agile Dribbling will also be in VOLTA!

fifa 21 volta shooting
TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: Agile dribbling will be key in those tight areas

The new Agile Dribbling enables you to swiftly get past defenders to open up attacking lanes for passes and shots.

To use Agile Dribbling hold R1 or RB and move LS.


There is also a new Nutmeg control that allows you to launch the ball in a specific direction using the right stick, giving you a chance of putting the ball through a defender’s legs.

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To use the nutmeg mechanic hold L1 + R1 or hold LB + RB and flick RS in the direction you want to go.


Those of you who played VOLTA last year will know how hard it was to finish your chances.

Well luckily, EA claim that their ‘new shooting improvements allow players to shoot with more power and accuracy’.

Volta football
TRY YOUR LUCK: It sounds like long shots are going to be much more powerful this year!

Long shot tuning has been improved, so gamers will be able to pull off powerful shots from many angles.

For matches without a goalkeeper, players will need to be more precise when aiming shots.


Much like standard FIFA 21 gameplay, EA has drastically improved the VOLTA blocking system.

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There will be new blocking animations to make your goal-saving challenges that much better.

Attacking Intelligence

EA has introduced a new attacking intelligence system, where your AI teammates will ‘better evaluate what the dribbler is doing in order to create better options’.

STREET SMART: Your AI teammates will be more intelligent than ever


VOLTA squads is a new way to play VOLTA! Join together with up to three friends or drop into the community and play in 5v5 cooperative games.

Community Drop In

When playing community drop-in games, captains will be randomly assigned – as a captain your team will adopt your team crest, name, home ground and AI teammates.

fifa 21 voltav2
MIX IT UP: Kick off with randomised teammates from the VOLTA community

Captains will also manage the matchmaking settings, making decisions such as playing with walls or no walls or opting whether to face a co-op team or not.

If you like your new team, you have the option to play another match with them.

Play with Friends

You can also team with up to three of your friends and play against others online.

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If you’re playing with less than 3 friends, the AI teammates will be filled with players from the Captain’s starting squad.

Play Solo

Alternatively, you can play solo, giving you full control over your AI teammates and the squad management.

Divisions & Ranks

Much like Ultimate Team there will now be Divisions and Ranks in VOLTA.

Progression is tied to your indivual player and there will be placement matches to decide you starting Division.

fifa 21 volta rewards 1
PERKS OF THE JOB: Earn new rewards as you rank up

You’ll earn points towards your rank progression in each Division match and you’ll earn unique limited-time ranks rewards for every rank you achieve.

Featured Battles

Featured battles will be weekly events in which players can face off against AI-controlled opponents to earn Battle Points.

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Battle Point can be used to unlock rewards such as VOLTA coins, new gear and featured matches.

Recruit Superstars

You’ll also be able to play against special squads that are made up of current FIFA superstars such as Mbappe, Icons and more.

fifa 21 volta featured battles

If you beat these squads before the deadline you can recruit players from their squad to yours!

Unlock Kits and Attire

Players can earn club jerseys and gear available through Featured Battles will also allow you to unlock club kits and gear.

The Debut featuring Kaká

The Debut is a 2/3 hour cinematic expereince in which you and your squad will tracel to new loactions, earning unqiue rewards and building your squad along the way!

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Kaka is just one of several football legends you’ll meet along the way.

Visit New Locations

There are five new locations in The Debut: São Paulo, Paris, Sydney, Dubai, and Milan.

fifa 21 volta new locations
NO BALLS ALLOWED: Take to all-new street-based locations in The Debut

Learn on the Job

The Debut will provide you with the opportunity to grow your avatar through games and training, as the story is designed to bring you up to speed on skill moves, gameplay and strategies.

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Of course, you’ll be able to earn items along the way, including high-skill squadmates to strengthen your team for Featured Battles and Squads.

Stack your Squad

You’ll be able to recruit top players to your Squad and earn Legends of Street like Lisa Zimouche and Kotaro Tokuda.

fifa 21 volta legends 1
ICONIC: You’ll be able to recruit legends of street football to your squad

If you complete The Debut, you’ll be ‘rewarded with a surprise’.

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New Gear

EA will be updating VOLTA with new gear regularly, ranging from the likes of authentic street gear to cause-related attire.

fifa 21 volta gear 1
PLAY IN STYLE: There will be new gear added regularly to VOLTA

Items will be categorised within a ‘tiered rarity system’ and you can unlock them by completing gameplay challenges or by using VOLTA coins.

Player Progression

EA has made a number of changes to your player’s progression in FIFA 21 VOLTA:

  • Players will grow their attributes faster than last year, through playing VOLTA matches and being rewarded for your match rating
  • Attributes will grow at different rates depending on which of them are considered key for your avatar’s preferred position (Defender, Midfielder, or Attacker)
  • There will now be long-term Objectives that reward ‘mastery of the mode’ and will earn you with more gear
  • Team chemistry has been optimised, allowing you do gain that extra edge over your opponents

New VOLTA Stadium Hub

Finally, EA has introduced a brand new Stadium Hub that allows you to access everything VOLTA FOOTBALL has to offer easily and quickly.

fifa 21 volta menu
DOUBLE TIME: The new VOLTA hub allows you to take to the streets even quicker

That’s all the info we have on VOLTA for now, but head here to read more about FIFA 21!

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