Fortnite Season 4: All Possible POI Locations! – Avengers Tower, Asgard, Sanctum and More!

The new season of Fortnite is great fun, and includes some of our favourite Marvel heroes and villains!

We also have a few Marvel themed locations like Doctor Doom’s House, and different Quin Jet locations.

Here, we list all the possible upcoming locations in Season 4!

Stark/Avengers Tower

The Avengers Tower played a big role in the Marvel cinematic Universe.

fortnite season 4 avengers tower
MARVEL – Which characters will join the current roster in season 4?

As the main Head Quarters of the Avengers (for the majority of the films), we hope Epic add this location shortly!

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This would add some awesome vertical movement to the game, possibly allowing players to glide off the top!


Asgard is the home of Thor, the God of Thunder!

fortnite season 4 asgard poi
ASGARD – Will the MCU version of Thor come to Fortnite?

A ring has appeared on the Fortnite map, this is assumed to be the shield that surrounds Asgard.

This would be some awesome architecture to add to Fortnite and could replace one of the smaller locations.

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Epic could also add the iconic Rainbow Bridge, allowing players to traverse the Fortnite map.

Tony Stark’s House

Tony Stark featured most in the last Iron Man film, where he faced off against “The Mandarin”.

fortnite season 4 tony stark house poi

In this film, the house was mostly destroyed so unfortunately won’t feature in any more films.

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This POI could be a coastal location, possibly to the East of Retail Row.

Dr Strange’s Sanctum

Dr Strange is one of the more recent characters in the MCU.

fortnite season 4 dr strange sanctum poi

His “Sanctum” in New York features in a few films, from Thor Ragnarok, Avengers Infinity War and the first Doctor Strange film.

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This building would fit in well in Pleasant Park or Retail Row and will likely return in the next Strange title!

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