Fall Guys How to Push: Guide, PC, PS4, Controllers, and more!

If you want to have any chance of surviving in Fall Guys, you’ll need to push harder than you thought possible…other players that is.

Pushing is an important part of the game, so we’re here to give give you the breakdown of this timeless technique for ensuring you have the upper-hand in battle!

Prepare yourself.

How to Push in Fall Guys

As you know, Fall Guys is available on PS4 and Windows via Steam, so controls are a little different depending on whether you’re using keyboard and mouse, or a controller.

How does Pushing work?

To push a player standing in your way to glory, you’ll need to first commit to your choice. Start off by ‘innocently’ waddling over to them.

Once you’re in range, a white icon will be displayed, giving you the green-light to grab your opponent.

Fall Guys 2
GET OVER HERE! Be careful of those approaching with open arms!

Be warned, however, that such bold actions are not without their consequences.

If you do try and gently manoeuvre someone to their doom, you’ll be slowed down considerably. This could very well mean your own demise!


Hold down R2 and you’ll clasp your opponent, move forward, and then release it to push them.

Windows / PC

Rather than capitalising your letters, hold down Shift to capitalise on your opponents’ weaknesses!

Push forward pressing ‘W’, and then release Shift to launch them into the abyss!

You can change these settings in the option menu at anytime.

Controllers for PC?

If you’re interested in joining the ever-expanding community of PC gamers, there are some great controllers out there.

image 3
LIGHT IT UP! LEDs and customisation feature heavily on some models!

Controllers like the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition can be used on PC and Xbox, and come with a huge amount of customisation options.

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And if you’re not using a controller, there are some programmable mouses that really enhance gameplay, like the Razer Naga Trinity.

image 5
BATTLE READY: This gaming mouse is up there with the best!

However you choose to play Fall Guys, the game is designed to be as accessible as possible – so you’ll have a blast either way!

For everything you need to know and more on Fall Guys, from Season 2 news, to all the latest on Fall Guys for mobile – be sure to check back in with us!

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