Fortnite The Collection POI – Landmark, Location, Loot and More!

Season 4 is well underway and players all over the world are jumping in!

New locations are appearing all over the map each week, and a brand new one has surfaced.

This one is one of the coolest added into the game yet.

Here’s everything you need to know!

The Collection

HYPEX posted a video of the POI/landmark when it was patched into the game last night.

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This POI is based on the Marvel character Collector, who is notorious for showing off his prized posessions.

This is the case with this new location, as an ample amount of knick knacks are on display.

The Collection min
NICE – One of the coolest landmarks!


This new landmark should not be hard to find!

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It is located in the middle atop the mountains between Catty Corner and Retail Row.

This is the south-east portion of the map; so it is quite far from the rest of the map.


Although there is not much loot available at this POI, it makes up for it with its ammo boxes.

Player’s can find a few chests, ground spawns and lots of ammo here!

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