Madden 21 Franchise Relocation: St Louis team names, uniforms, & more

Madden 21 is here, which means its time to dive into Franchise Mode and create a dynasty.

If you feel sorry for the people of St Louis and the team leaving them after winning Super Bowls in the 90s, here’s everything you need to know about relocating to Missouri.

How to relocate to St Louis in Madden 21

If you want to relocate your franchise to St Louis then you’ll need to set up your league properly.

First, you’ll need to pick “Owner” as your role, and then you’ll need to go into league settings and select “All Users Only” under the relocation settings.

Madden 21 relocation settins
PICK ME: If this isn’t picked then you may not be able to relocate!

Then you are free to move.

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Once that’s done you can start your league. If you go to team -> My Owner -> Stadium you’ll find the option to relocate. Hit that and the process is underway!

St Louis in Madden 21

St Louis isn’t one of the most high profile relocation options in Madden 21.

The fanbase personality of Laid Back which means they won’t stick with you if you struggle to win games, while the average market size means you’ll won’t get as much money as elsewhere.

madden 21 relocation st louis
MISSOURI CALLING: St Louis wants the NFL back

The 4/6 fan interest is OK without being amazing, but this isn’t about money – it’s about glory, right?!

St Louis team names & uniforms

Unfortunately in Madden 21 you can only move your existing team logo and name to St Louis

So make sure you have a team you already love when moving, and this might detract from the fun of relocation so make sure you are OK with it before you pick them!

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