FIFA 21 Countdown: Ratings, Demo, News, PS5, Xbox Series X, Release Date, Career Mode & more

FIFA 21 is less than a month away, with the ratings marking a significant milestone on the road to release.

Here’s a run-through of what’s coming to the game this year.

Latest News – FIFA 21 Ratings Revealed

We now know more than 100 of the best players arriving on FIFA 21!

Lionel Messi keeps hold of top spot, but his rating has fallen to 93.

Messi FIFA 21

The Argentine holds off the challenge from Cristiano Ronaldo (OVR 92), Robert Lewandowski (OVR 91), Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 91), Neymar (OVR 91) and Jan Oblak (OVR 91).

For a full breakdown of the ratings head here.

FIFA 21 Release Date & Early Access

FIFA 21 will be available to play from the Friday, 9 October (for current gen consoles).

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EA Play gives you the chance to access FIFA 21 early and get eight hours of gameplay from Thursday, 1 October.


The FIFA 21 trailer was released on 23 July, showcasing the amazing new game modes.


We’re expecting the FIFA 21 Demo to be available from Friday, 25 September.

fifa 21 van dijk image
Premier League Champions! Liverpool likely to feature in the FIFA 21 Demo

We could potentially see a South American team appear in the Kick-Off mode, with EA adding the Copa Libertadores license during FIFA 20.

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We are expecting VOLTA to return to the demo in FIFA 21, whilst Ultimate Team is not likely to be available to play until the full game is released.

Cover Stars & Editions

If you want to play FIFA 21 early, you can order the Champions or Ultimate Editions and play from Tuesday, October 6.

mbappe fifa 21 ultimate edition cover
World Cup Winning Wonderkid – Mbappe featuring as FIFA 21 Cover Star

These editions have been released featuring cover star, Kylian Mbappe.

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The Ultimate Edition cost:

  • £89.99 / $99.99

Champions Edition cost:

  • £79.99 / $79.99.

These special editions come with in-game bonuses, read more here for all the info you need on these bonuses.

Career Mode

Check out the official FIFA 21 Career Mode Trailer below.

The new Interactive Match Sim allows you to take control of a simulated match at any moment during the game.

Adjusted Growth System allows developing players to change position in order to fit the team mold.

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FIFA 21 also brings changes to team fitness (Match Sharpness) and to the ways in which you can sign players, with the introduction of loan to buy deals.

Ultimate Team

EA has revealed that they are bringing some exciting new features to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team!

We are expecting 12 brand new icons in FUT 21, including the likes of Xavi, Cantona and Cech, which will bring the total to 101.

 FUT 21 will also bring us FUT Co-Op, where you can team up with a friend and compete for rewards in Division Rivals, Squad Battles and complete Co-Op Objectives.

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Plus, FIFA 21 will be the first time you can customize your own FUT Stadiums!

The FUT Web App is likely to be available from Wednesday, 30 September.

Next Generation

We got a look at FIFA 21 on Next Gen alongside Madden 21 at EA Play Live:

EA has stated Dual Entitlement allows you to purchase FIFA 21 once, and transfer your FUT and VOLTA progress from PS4 or Xbox One to a Next Gen console, without having to buy the game twice.

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There will be several improved features when playing FIFA 21 on Next Gen, including faster loading times, improved graphics and more realistic player animations.

Volta Football

FIFA 21 brings us VOLTA Squads, allowing you to team up and play VOLTA online with your friends.

VOLTA FIF 21 stadium
Feel the Atmosphere – brand new VOLTA stadiums arriving in FIFA 21

New Venues coming to VOLTA:

  • Sao Paulo’s Downtown
  • Milan street pitch 
  • Dubai’s Geodesic Dome

Plus, you can now customize your VOLTA Pro with new celebrity designed collections along with merchandise from professional clubs.

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