Diamond Digger Saga 2.103.0 Brings Multiple Enhancements!

King is one of the most popular Android game developers of all time. King gave Candy Crush to the world, arguably one of the top most popular games ever. Candy Crush was not only iconic but also addictive and a worldwide phenomenon. It spawned multiple spinoffs and continuations,

With Diamond Digger Saga, you get to dig through diamonds and find unique treasures. Diggy discovers a treasure map. You get to lead Diggy through a world filled with diamonds in a colorful digging quest.

You can dig a path by clearing a group of three or more diamonds to reach a target score. Also, you can use water to progress through the rooms and uncover treasures.

The game has reached version 2.103.0. King introduces occasional updates for its games to make sure that they are always running correctly and deliver optimal quality of gameplay.

Here is a word regarding the new update, straight from the developer:

“Hey, Diggy fans!

The diamonds got a little dusty, so we decided to make them shinier than ever before! You’ll find a heap of improvements made to your gaming experience in this new update.

Happy diggin’!”

As you can see, the patch notes that accompany the new update aren’t too specific, but that is good. The developer let the new improvements be discovered by players as easter eggs! You will certainly be surprised when you discover what was changed. The new update is live, so you should go ahead and download it as soon as possible.

Have fun, and stay tuned for information regarding future updates!

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